Under sheds and garages across the world lie unfinished projects – from cars to bikes, scooters and miscellaneous machines of all types. It’s often that these projects stay unfinished, either lacking the correct space, tools or skills. Fortunately, MotoRRetro has a solution.

Vaughan and Georgio both saw a need for somewhere for motor enthusiasts to go where they could learn the skills and utilise the equipment needed in many auto projects. “These guys love working on their own projects, but they need somewhere to do it, as well as specialist equipment and a helping hand from time to time. That’s where we come in. Our aim is to help our students get their build driving and on the road, before they’re too old to enjoy it!”

With years of experience teaching at TAFE, both Vaughan and Georgio have the skills, experience and knowledge anyone will need in their project or restoration. If it’s had an engine, they’ve worked it.

Some of the skills that you can learn include –

  • Hand forming and metal shaping skills
  • How to use metal shaping / fabricating equipment such as the English Wheel, plenishing hammer and the pullmax
  • How to weld (aluminium, Oxy, TIG, MIG) – we’ve had absolute beginners welding in a couple of hours
  • Project management skills – how to get your dream build finished and on the road!
  • Tricks of the metal-shaping trade

These classes are a very organic and personal, with each student receiving the time they need to learn and try out these techniques in a very open environment. “Sometimes it’s just that bit of insider knowledge – that missing link, or trick – that makes all the difference. Our students are constantly amazed at how we can get them up to the next level in a very short period of time.

Our classes are all hands on, no classroom-style theory. Students learn at their own pace.”

MotoRRetro also offers a plethora of various specialised tools and equipment for use –

  • English Wheel
  • Plenishing hammer
  • Pullmax
  • Eckold
  • Metal folder
  • Welding equipment – MIG, TIG, Oxy
  • Various hand-forming tools

There is no set mold of person that you’ll find using these classes, as you’ll see folks of all ages and skill levels inside the workshop space all working towards and achieving their own goals. “Our students are a real mixed bag, and we cater for complete beginners through to students with advanced skills. We can set projects to help students develop their skills, or they can bring their own project in to work on.”

“We have people from other trades come in just wanting to add skills to their repertoire, such as panel beaters, diesel mechanics and fitters/turners. We then also have accountants, pilots, real estate agents and merchant bankers wanting to develop the skills they need to work on their own build.

There’s an artist that we have come in who is wanting to learn how to weld so they can create better sculptures. The age variance goes from early 20’s up to retired gents – so far it’s been an all-male affair but women are of course welcome too!”

To find out more on these classes, or register for yourself, head to www.motorretro.com.au