The quiet country town of Braidwood played host to the inaugural Machine Show on the weekend – hundreds of classic and custom machines 30 years and older descended on the local show ground. Riders from all over heeded the call for pure bike viewing bliss, and the class of machines left none disappointed.

This weekend is the product of Australian motorcycle Generalissimo Matt Machine, who’s been creating some of the best custom builds mortal eyes have ever seen. The event would kickoff on March 31st, with the campground filling with a ton of custom machines that all had made the pilgrimage from up and down the coast. “That’s what a big part of this event is about – it’s the journey. Everyone riding from so many towns and cities, carving their own route. It’s also a great opportunity to get some country air, and chill out before heading back into the city and starting a new work week.” – Matt

The ethos behind this weekend would be for all 2-wheeled machines 30 years or older. No particular style or make, weather it’s a fairing-clad 2 stroke racer or a raked and lowered chopper death trap. The passionate blokes and sheilas that own and ride these machines could spend the weekend drinking and making new friends that all share the same machine addiction. The event was a translation of the personality and work that goes into all of Matt’s machines.

The crew from Throttle Roll along with a bunch of other misfits and degenerates made good use of the ride down on Friday, taking the long way through parks, dirt roads, and clay tracks. This would set the scene for the Friday night as bands of other riders all slowly made their arrival, some later than others due to the perks of owning old Harley’s. Young Henrys supplied an ample amount of grog to keep the weary riders festive well into the night. The next morning’s hangovers were also sponsored by Young Henrys, apparently.

“The event exceeded our expectations – we knew that a ton of great bikes and people would turn up but the final result was a fuckin’ ripper. We’re really pumped for next year, so we can add more to the event and refine it. It’s great letting people see all these bikes and machines that they wouldn’t normally interact with. It can help influence and refine what they want to ride, build, or own. We’ll definitely be getting a lot of the vintage and classic clubs involved in the future.” – Matt

Saturday would be the big day that all the various machines would be lined up in the gleaming sun of the Show Ground, being judged and perved on by punters and the official judges, with awards being handed out later that afternoon. This is an event that took a big step for its first year, with ambitious goals. The seed has been planted, and the following years will see even more machines make the journey for what will no doubt be a new stellar motorcycle event in Australia’s thriving and passionate scene.

Well done to Matt and his team for popping the bike show cherry for Braidwood – For more on Matt and his creations head to







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