If you saw hundreds of remarkably well-dressed ladies and gents pottering through the streets of your city recently, then you witnessed the largest charity motorcycling event on the planet. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride performed a dapper takeover of the world’s streets in the good fight to find a cure for prostate cancer, and to aid in men’s mental health.

In its sixth year, DGR took place on September 24 in over 92 cities across the globe. This is a well-dressed juggernaut that celebrates all things dapper, paired with classic and vintage motorcycles. The event was simply that you see a bunch of folks jumping on their classically styled machines, donning some suits and going for a great ride together. The success that culminated from this would see Mark Hawwa, the founder of DGR, realise that much more could be done than simply riding around and looking dapper. And that’s where the charitable element would come in, and where DGR would really take off.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men. By 2030, there’ll be 1.7 million men living with it. It’s this plight on men across the globe that DGR would take aim in battling. This would be in the form of raising both funds and awareness, to go towards programs to fight prostate cancer directly; to aid in rehabilitation, and also work in preventative measures by encouraging men to get checked and be diligent about their health. But it’s not just physical health that is being tackled, but mental health as well.

Pairing up with The Movember Foundation in 2016, DGR is taking on another goal in helping men of all ages. Over 510,000 men die from suicide each year – a staggering one per minute. This is something that is not often spoken about, particularly by the men who are suffering from depression. DGR is encouraging men to speak out, share their stories and fight for men’s mental health.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2017 has seem the biggest turn out, and funs raised to date. With a goal of raising $5 Million USD, that mammoth target is close to being reached with the current tally of funds raised being $4.5 Million. With over 92,000 registered riders taking up the cause, it’s no surprise that such an incredible amount has so far been raised. The fundraising isn’t over though, with donations and prizes still marching on!

DGR Sydney saw an amazing turn out of over 750 motorcycles for a glorious warm day of fun and frivolity. Meeting at the amazing Sydney University Quadrangle was the perfect backdrop, as the ride speech echoed out and excitement filled the air. Riding through the streets was an absolute joy for all taking part, and those witnessing it on footpaths. This isn’t about riding hours or getting your knee down, it’s about parading through the streets of your city to raise awareness about the cause, and this worked fantastically. All passersby were asking riders what the event was about, with a smile on their face as they heard about what they were truly riding for.

The success that DGR has cultivated lies in its niche nature. The dapper outfits worn by the men and women that take part are just half of what the day is about, as it’s the classic and vintage styled machines that are the cherry on top. While DGR loves all bikes (as most of us riders do) this isn’t a day for stock cruisers, sportsbikes or tourers. There’s a style guide for appropriate machines, so that the event may keep true to its roots, and keep the essence of the event alive and well. Without this strong theme, the event would not be the dapper success that it is today.

Be sure to get involved by heading to www.gentlemansride.com to donate, buy some dapper gear, or find out more on the event and the great causes that they support. Here’s counting down to DGR 2018!



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