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Gary’s 1976 Honda Z50

Part of being an adult is being able to afford and buy some of the favourite things we grew up with, albeit it at a much inflated price. When Gary was 4 years old, he got his first bike – A Honda Z50. Decades later, his love for the monkey bike is as strong as ever.

After receiving his first bike, Gary was hooked completely. From there, it would grow into something much more as he embraced all aspects of bikes and racing. “I have raced motocross and enduro, owned road bikes and Harleys, but my latest passion is for the vintage bikes.”

Despite this long love of bikes and speed machines, and riding all of his life, Gary only just got his licence 3 years ago. You figure that one out…

Gary is a no-nonsense 100% Aussie bloke. You’d scarcely find him without a tinnie in hand, or kicking about in iconic footy shorts. And it can be safely said you’d be even harder pressed to find an Aussie bloke such as this tearing through the streets on an immaculate custom Z50, yet here we are. Gary’s bike is a 1976 model, with the work being done by Denny Irace.

It’s a 5 speed manual which has been 50cc bored and stroked. It’s got an aggressive titanium exhaust, and some sturdy billet wheels that were made custom for this bike. You’ve also got an external oil cooler, G craft swing arm and shocks, and a beautiful metal flake paint job that’s sharp as a razor.

Gary admits that the beauty of buying things already built is there’s no hurdles or problems. And he’s definitely not wrong there.

Was there any particular reason for a Z50, apart from nostalgia? “I am not sure why I got a Z50, maybe it brings back childhood memories but who would not love this bike!?

This bike is awesome to ride and goes like a rocket, but the only drawback for me is the size of it. I need to ride with other people as I am less visible on the road to car drivers.”


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