Okay it’s super awkward writing a blog about your bike and self. So instead of reminding people how insanely attractive I am for a man of Middle Eastern appearance/ just man in general; I am just going to lay down some words and quote myself about the build aspect of this bike.

A bit of backstory – Triumph gifted me this bike in 2014 when they became the global sponsor of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

Here is what I had to say about that.

“In actual fact it was a bit daunting being gifted with a bike. Trying to navigate through all possible outcomes of getting stuck into modifying it, is there an expectation I’d leave it standard? Will they get upset if I shorten the fenders, paint it, put other peoples parts on? I didn’t know what to do, well deep down I did, I just didn’t want to offend those who made a huge decision to support us on such a global scale! However, I just decided fuck it, I want it to be mine, I want it to be unique and the work then began. To my surprise – Triumph were digging it and totally understood the customisation culture.”

“The build process continued forever, as my tastes changed, the bikes changed with it. From factory to now, its had 3 paint jobs. Each stunning! However my final, for now, decision was to take the tank back to bare metal and clear coat it. Murder out all the other parts to the bike and just go for that big braun, murdered out vibe. It’s an awesome daily.”

“The work that went into the bike wasn’t overly excessive, I say that because a lot of friends helped out with the build and I did close to sweet FA. The most difficult part would have been grafting the Triumph Explorer front end on which required the help of Darren from DNA Custom Cycles. The entire bike is not a big $$$ build nor did it need to be, It is one of my least defect-able bikes I own from a police perspective, looks great to me, makes me look small and is a well sorted, hoot to ride. Those front brakes are enough to pull up a steam train. Okay probably not but you get maaa drift.”

Go the Dragons!

“My favourite thing about this bike is the 270 degree crank. It makes for such an amazing sounding motorcycle, and by far one of my favourite sounding machines out there. However I do wish it did have the Triumph Bobber 1200 engine in it. Maybe an idea for the future… I also dig the front mag wheel vs. the rear spoked. It always pisses off my autistic mates.”

The Extensive Modifications List

  • The front is a Triumph Explorer 1050 suspension, brakes and wheel.
  • Customised headlight surrounds with integrated Rizoma indicators and a front MX cowl
  • Hair and beard by Tommy J Barber
  • Speed Merchant Side Covers and rear foot pegs
  • Biltwell foot pegs
  • Triumph Aftermarket Seat set up re-trimmed, painted and powder coated
  • British Customs 180 rear wheel from https://www.wenley.com.au/
  • Aftermarket Arrow exhaust – Then modified to sweep upwards, ceramic coated
  • Tank taken back to bare metal and clear coated
  • Body by Fit Factory PT
  • Shortened rear fender
  • Free Spirits front fender
  • Free Spirits rear suspension risers
  • General Well-bring by Hyde Park Medical Centre
  • Gazi rear suspension
  • Posh tail light
  • Modified chain guard
  • Mental Health by Movember
  • Rizoma indicators
  • Renthal handlebars
  • Clothing by Saint.cc
  • Rizoma side mirrors
  • Monza fuel cap
  • Ignition relocation
  • Physio by Life Fit
  • Gold chain baby
  • Black rear sprocket
  • Poker Skills by – self taught mother fucker!
  • Aftermarket crash bars
  • Pirelli MT60RS tyres
  • Hair Product by Uppercut
  • $10 Ebay special side bag
  • Custom number plates by the money hungry scumbags at myplates.com.au

A special Thank you to Triumph Motorcycles (for very obvious reasons). The Speed Merchant, Free SpiritsGazi Suspension, DNA Custom Cycles, RB Racing, Harley Borkowski, Smith Concepts, Drifter Bikes, Chris Atkinson and Nik Ellwood.

This bike is now not for sale for the low price of $69,999.00 contact Jacob.

True story: I asked where is my coffee and he just walked past laughing. Asshole. Flat white next time. 

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