Contrary to popular belief, café racers aren’t just for looking pretty and leaking oil. The misfits from Sydney Café Racers headed out to Sydney Motorsport Park to hit the track and hone their skills with MotoDNA – a day that is perhaps one of the most invaluable motorcycle experiences a rider can do to get them riding faster, and better.


Once a MotoDNA training day is locked in, it’s hard to contain the excitement and anticipation for those taking part. We’ve yet to hear anyone not be smiling and raving about their improved skills on two wheels, regardless of how much riding experience they have. The group of 30+ riders displayed just about every style of motorcycle from SCR, from traditional café racers, to trackers and everything in between. The riding skill from these men and women is similarly eclectic, from newer riders to veterans. They all would be taking home more skills and confidence than when they arrived.


Each session will see the riders doing about 15 or so laps of the track, with one of the MotoDNA instructors following the group with a camera, closely monitoring what each rider is doing – how they’re choosing their lines and utilising their weight. Once the riding is done for each session, it’s classroom time. In proving that no one really grows up, we just get older – lots of jokes and banter were in-between each piece of instruction. MotoDNA provide an incredibly easy to understand and approachable medium to rider training. Anyone whose confidence might be low soon learned what to do to be riding faster and more confident, and with each lap this was applied and everyone was smashing seconds off their lap times.


A truly excellent part of the day is the camera monitoring with the instructors. Each rider receives a 1-on-1 look at their riding as they’re video shadowed around the track. Each and every aspect of their riding is looked at and discussed upon, proving a very rare insight into each rider’s style and ability. Bike Biz and Triumph Motorcycles were also on sight with a fleet of brand new bikes on offer for people to chuck their bums onto and take for a ride, from Street Cups to Speed Triples. Everyone’s faces were sore from smiling no doubt by the day’s end.

A very special thanks to MotoDNA, Pirelli, and Bike Biz Triumph.