Many of you don’t know this, but most brands send items to test out and we are happy to do just that. However as you all know, when you have a new item, you can’t simply form your decision in an instance. You need to wear it in different conditions and situations to determine how good the item actually is. Thankfully Saint understand that. I mean it only took me 6 months but I’m done! 

From Sydney to London and London to shitloads of other countries I wore this jacket, some driving, some riding, some walking and some just to look like a sexy mother fucker. And I do that well, or so I tell myself in the mirror on a daily basis.

This jacket is great! Comfortable, protective and I know I’ll receive some hipster hatin’ from chubby white older men who want to make things great again, but it’s called FARSHION darling. It seriously looks cool. Did I get a chance to crash and test its road resistance? No I didn’t, however having come off a motorcycle wearing Saint gear in the past, I have nothing but trust and thanks to the team behind the product.

Now, here are the good and not so good points!

  • The Shearling collar is detachable! So when using it as a Jacket to ride in or to dine in or in my experience take heaps of instagram photos in the same item, you can make it look like two different jackets with the undoing of a few buttons – GENIUS!
  • Its a part of their unbreakable range which means you can trust the fact you can come off and slide baby slide without the gravel rash.
  • It looks fucking badass
  • It’s comfortable
  • Its perfect for summer riding!

Now the not so good

  • If you want to wear it in winter, you need to layer up! Again absolutely fantastic in Summer but as we now start to hit the colder months, it’s probably time I test their new Waxed Adventure Jacket (Hint hint Saint~)

To purchase one – Click here

To hipster hate – Click here

Now enjoy some photos of me! Print it! Frame it! Touch yourself.

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