We’ve taken one of the very appealing Segura Veloca Jacket’s out for a 6-month field test and review. It looks good, that much is certain – but does it hold up to the test?


The French motorcycle accessory label Segura first hit Australian shores in late 2015, and so are still a fresh face for Aussie motorcyclists looking for some good quality, and good looking protective gear. Form and function is something that plays high on the list of many apparel manufacturers, as they strive to create something that both looks good, and protects the rider. It’s a tricky balance, with many accessories leaning further towards one side than the other.


The Veloce Jacket definitely ticks off the looking good part of its package. With very sturdy leather sleeves that only get better with age, they take on their own character whilst still providing the excellent protection that leather hide is so famous for. Chucking a denim vest over one’s leathers is all too common, particularly in the urban custom motorcycle scene. This jacket eliminates the middleman and comes with a waterproof, high quality denim vest permanently affixed to the jacket. Leather and denim – there’s no better marriage in clothing.


For those colder rides and winter times, a removable hoodie is also a feature of this jacket. The black Segura hoodie simple clips into the cuff of the leather sleeves, and zips up into the denim jacket to become a single unit. Once the weather warms up, or your wanting to simply wear the hoodie by itself you can remove it in two shakes of a lambs tail.


As far as protection is concerned (and most are generally concerned about this) The Veloce jacket holds up to many other sturdy protective riding jackets. The leather is top quality, with elbow and shoulder armour to help protect against any impacts. A separate back protector accessory is available for a very humble price, which is highly recommended to be added should you grab this jacket.


The Segura Veloce has been worn by our team throughout the Australian Winter (Which does get cold, we swear!) and now Summer. The hoodie is an excellent addition and keeps the body warmth on the rider, cutting any chills or wind out. Once removed, the jacket breathes a lot more and is still very comfortable to be used in the Summer time.


Segura Veloce features

Personal Protection Equipment EC
Leather sleeves with a waterproof denim vest
Shoulder and elbow armour
Removable hoodie lining which can be work separately
Plenty of inside pockets
Option CE back protector available separately (a must to add)


Conclusion: This jacket ticks a lot of boxes. It looks great, is very comfortable to wear, and most importantly is protective. You’re looking at around $700 AUD for this badboy, and so is in the range of your higher-end motorcycle jackets. The removable hoodie is a fantastic addition. The denim vest feels very sturdy – however it’s durability compared to it’s tougher Kevlar cousins is yet to be tested.

To find out more or grab a jacket for yourself, check out www.ficeda.com.au


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