If you slid into Deus last night don’t be surprised if you woke up a bit dusty today. The infamous sideways bandits The Jerkyls took over the Camperdown store for a night of pure flat track passion. This is Slide Night.

Wherever chief Jerkyl Andy is, there’s going to also be bikes, beers, and a chorus of reprobates screaming, “fuck yeah!” back at him. This would be the first Slide Night held at the famous Camperdown Deus store, a hub of custom bikes and stellar food.

Bikes lined up outside the venue as a ride earlier in the night from the Sydney Café Racers turned up. Once inside it was all on as punters poured over a bunch of flat track, speedway and other hooligan inspired machines that now filled the dining room of Deus. This evening would be about bringing together The Jerkyls to share their passion with some new faces, and those that have never hit the track at all.

After a quintessential speech made out by Andy Baker, some classic racing films were played, showing off an era of racing heritage that would have been the catalyst for many of the riders there this evening. There were prizes on offer for some lucky racers and punters from previous events. A key event for this crew is the Sunday Slide, out at Nepean Raceway where things truly get sideways. This is also an opportunity for those who have never hit the track to take a bike out and learn the ropes, in a very safe and approachable atmosphere.

One of the key parts of a successful Slide Night is showing off just how easy – more or less – it can be to turn a stock bike into a track friendly hoon machine. With a sacrificial Triumph on the bench, Andy pulled together a team from the crowd (some willing) to begin pulling apart the machine to create something Jerkyl worthy.

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