Human sacrifice has fallen out of fashion in the modern world (much to our displeasure) but sacrificing a machine? The Gods of Sol Invictus provided the crowd at Slidenight the perfect virgin. A stock Mercury was carried onto the dais and random acolytes from the crowd were picked out based on what skills they possessed (electrical, mechanical, shit talking) and the conversion was begun.

Turn this stock bike into a flat tracker. Then. There. Right bloody now.

Builders young and old from around Sydney quickly gathered around the biked, tore it down and got to work. They were like ants decomposing a carcass, only this was going to be rebuilt into something greater.

The crowd watched on while enjoying flat track films being projected on the wall, such as the Sacramento Mile. There was also the famous drip tray raffle. A drip tray filled with a ton of goodies, surprisingly enough.

Sparks flying, bits were being chopped and attached in a fluffy. Despite no coordination going into this build previously, everyone worked together effortlessly and created the perfect team. They achieved more in an hour than many of us have in months on a bike.

And the finished product? Stayed tuned… All revealed in mere hours!


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