Sunday is an often seen as a holy day, and in the motorcycle world this is doubly so. Sunday Slide is a church for the sideways inclined, a sanctuary for the speed-thirsty and a Mecca for those who really like getting a ton of dirt in their nostrils.

Sunday 28th November saw a smorgasbord for the senses. There was plenty of bikes and riding to look at, the sounds of 2-stroke engines, and the all too inviting accompanying smell of said 2-stroke. The illustrious day of dust and mayhem is hosted by resident dust-hoons The Jerkyls. Founded by Andy Baker and his mate Bill, their intentions were to enjoy vintage dirt-tracking without the hassle of winning – just surviving. You’d find them telling anyone who’d listen, “You don’t have to win, just take part” and sure enough this approach saw the numbers of sacrificing their heels to the dirt grow and grow. “Everyone gets a name, Chukka, G-Love, Choppa, Faker, DP, Huggy, Scruff, Hoppo. We have Slidenights at the garage and give each other shit trophies. It’s all about beers, bikes, and mates.”


Despite it’s name, Sunday Slide truly starts on a Saturday for most. Punters can rock up, set up camp and start slammin’ tinnies by a roaring bonfire as the anticipation for the next day’s antics are built up. The mix of riders and skill levels is as vast as Gina Reinhart’s knickers – although somewhat more appealing. The Jerkyl’s mantra of just getting out on the track and enjoying yourself rings true throughout the entire weekend. It’s an excellent, and approachable way to get bums on seats and heels out on the corners.


All machines were to be pre-90’s, with a good mix of styles and builds tearing up the mud and dirt. Posties, dirt bikes, trackers, speedway bikes and anything mixed in between all gave it a crack. Those not riding enjoyed the sun and sights, with Rising Sun Workshop providing a ton of good grub to sate the angry bellies. It’s the perfect day for riders all of experience levels to have a go on the dirt, with plenty of seasoned riders who were yet to give riding on dirt a try finally poppin’ their cherry.


A contingent of bikes from Sydney Cafe Racers made good use of an excuse to meet up and ride to Nepean Raceway to see what all the fuss was about, adding a nice extra dosage of bikes to perv at in the mix. Everyone gathered for the morning’s riding brief, as three signs were held high in the air displaying the different experience classes for the day. Wombats would be the newbies on the track, Camels the intermediate, and Kangaroos for the lads and ladies that enjoy a bit of slidin’ sideways action.


The day was a roaring success as usual – and also as usually there was a fair share of stacks. One bike decided its swing arm was no longer in fashion, and kindly jettisoned it around a corner much to the rider’s surprise. It now sports a very unique horizontal rear wheel, perfect for… riding in circles (probably)



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