Wombats, Camels, and Kangaroos hit the dirt track on Sunday, though this was no Zoo – it’s Sunday Slide. A menagerie of different bikes hit the track to appease the sideways gods in this yearly blessing of the dirt.

Out at Nepean Raceway The Jerkyls hosted it’s infamous Sunday Slide, a weekend of camping and riding, all with the smell of 2-stroke and the accompanying chorus of ring-a-ding-ding. Riders gathered early for the riding brief, as three signs were held high in the air displaying the different experience classes for the day. Wombats would be the newbies on the track, Camels the intermediate, and Kangaroos for the lads and ladies that enjoy a bit of slidin’ sideways action.

All bikes on the track would be pre-90’s, with a good mix of machines tearing up the mud and dirt. Posties, dirt bikes, trackers, speedway bikes and even some bobbers with dirt tyres all gave it a crack. A good crowd gathered to watch the action under the warm sunshine. It’s the perfect day for riders all of experience levels to have a go on the dirt, with plenty of seasoned riders who were yet to give riding on dirt a try finally poppin’ their cherry.