Despite having a different set of plumbing in the basement, Throttle Roll tagged along for a ride with Sydney’s female rider group The Foxy Fuelers to check out what these magnificent sheilas are up to and find out a bit more at what goes on behind the scenes.


Speaking with Nicci, the founder and Matriarch of The Foxy Fuelers, we can take a look at where, and how, this passionate group of riders came to be. Having grown up with watching Aussie Moto GP legend Mick Doohan on the TV with her Dad take out championship after championship, the first seed of 2-wheels was planted for Nicci. However it wouldn’t be the sport bike side to riding that would take her to the next step in actually hopping onto to a machine, and many years later after a move to Sydney, Nicci would soon find herself another side to motorcycles. “I eventually came across Sydney Café Racers (SCR) – what with their custom and old-school vibe going on, I started to see the motorcycling scene in a different light. These were a group of rag-tag people that were passionate about vintage and modern classic bikes, customising and being creative and expressive with their builds as an extension of their own personalities. I found this inspirational, a unique and truly individual take on the moto-lifestyle that peaked my curiosity and my hunger to give it a red-hot go! Coincidentally I also met my partner Steve (who you’ve no doubt seen before) through the SCR group, so a romance bloomed in more ways than one.”


Two years later, and Nicci is yet to have held a car licence – but is staunchly dedicated to her motorbikes. Together with her partner Steve they purchased a 1981 Honda CB250N which was then lovingly customised and turned into what is affectionately known today as ‘Cherry Bomb; “It was a great experience to create something with my bare hands, which I now ride every day. That little bike doesn’t miss a beat!”


After observing more and more all-female riding groups popping up at home and abroad, the potential for a new one to form in Sydney was ripe. “As more female riders came out of the wood-work and non-riding girlfriends of ours started feeling motivated to learn to ride too, we were really inspired by these women’s groups and the networks that were being formed. I chose the create The Foxy Fuelers group as a specific ‘ladies crew’ within that community, to use as a platform to support newbie riders, discuss builds, share knowledge and skills, and cheer each other on.”


Specifically, Nicci’s vision was to help encourage as many women onto bikes as possible, offering a relatable and accessible introduction into motorcycling for those whose interest was peaked. “We plan practice rides for our ‘boobie-newbies’ and set up the P’s MOST test course for those that are ready to move up from their L’s. We want to give our riders as best a chance at becoming a confident, skilled and safe rider as possible. This rise in confidence and skill has enabled so many of us now to jump in with our SCR brethren on their bigger rides and filled our hearts with the desire for more adventures!”


Indeed you’ll be seeing many of the faces from these Foxy Fuelers on any SCR ride, Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and other group rides and events. The group is not about exclusivity, but rather to include those who might be intimidated by starting off in larger groups. “I consider us a bit of a motley crew… like a band of pirates or freedom fighters! But in all seriousness, the group is very diverse and that’s probably what I love most about it.

As lovers of all things café racer and custom, it’s incredible and uplifting to see that something as simple as this shared passion of riding can so easily bring together a community and build bonds across the broad spectrum of our backgrounds and lifestyles.”


With a wide variety of events and things to do in the group, the wheels are always turning, whether it’s a brief ride along the coast, or the more twisty sessions on the weekends. “We will also schedule in one-on-one sessions with new learner riders when needed. Twice a year we have a planned camping trip called Steel & Stars. We’ve also recently been discussing sharing some of our broader interests or activities we’d personally like to try outside of the moto scene with the group as well. Horse riding, scuba diving, zip-lining, paragliding and bushwalking are all ideas we’ve bandied about so far. We also heartily take on the opportunity to leave the bikes at home and go out for a good night of booze and bad language, behaving like sailors”


It’s no secret that motorcycling can at times be viewed as a boy’s club (for lack of a better term). Is this a view that has been seen from the perspective of our female riders?

“As riders, to be honest I don’t really think so, no. The passion, the desire to improve, the hunger to win in a race, and the ability to achieve this is very much there. Up until recently the main differences have been predominantly in representation, and so far we still only make up a fraction of the community and lifestyle as a whole. But this is what is changing, and the reason all our women’s riding groups are really so important. We’re providing the platforms, the knowledge banks, and offering up role models for so many more women to become interested in the sport and the lifestyle.”