The Honda CT110, affectionately known Australia wide as a ‘Postie’ for profoundly obvious reasons. This machine has been the workhorse for postal deliveries for over 30 years, and starter bikes for riders across the country. We pay homage to this little red belter.


Back in the old days, shortly after dinosaurs were buried into the ground by the Devil to test Christians faith, the post was delivered by pushbike. Completing daily deliveries via this method is making me feel tired already, but fortunately in 1971 some bright spark reckoned we bin the pushies and instead get some wheels with motors. Someone buy that legend a beer. This new mode of transport would be the Honda CT90, with a brutal 5kW coming from the 89cc engine and a 4-speed gearbox with auto clutch. This clutch system allowed free use of a hand, making it ideal for mail deliveries. It wouldn’t be until 1980 however that the model you and I are most familiar with would hit footpaths across the nation.

The bigger brother of this CT90 would start to roll out, with a mighty 105cc pumping 6kW it would be the king of the Aussie footpath, delivering bills and birthday cards far and wide. The roll of the Postman was fraught with danger, with vicious dogs, apathetic cats, and dodgy driveways claiming many a proud deliveryman. Images of Kevin Costner in the 1997 epic post-apocalyptic adventure film may now be springing to mind. Not for me, I haven’t seen the bloody film. I actually have no idea if it even has anything to do with the post. But I digress.

Honda were all too happy to feed Australia Post all the bikes they needed. Aus Post would send the bikes off to retirement after 25,000kms or 3 years – whichever came first. Word on the street (or internet) is that there are roughly 7,000 of these bikes jamming letters in boxes across the country. This means, if my maths is correct (it rarely is) there’s over 2,000 sales Honda can happily complete with Aus Post each year. Not bloody bad.

Thanks to this little bikes dedicated use in the Postal industry, this has made it the highest selling motorcycle in the country. What this also means is that there’s a bloody buttload of pre-used models up for sale for the right price. This has made it as an entry point into motorcycling for countless Aussie riders, who have slapped a bright yellow L plate onto this fine steed.

The possibilities for the Postie aren’t simply mail or learner riders, with Postie rallies popping up around the country, and plenty of custom builds being created. Anything from fine Café Racer versions to rude Choppers, and mongrel beasts that tear up the dirt track.

In 2013 Aus Post retired our beloved CT100 altogether, to be replaced by flashier Super Cub 110. Casting aside the proud heritage red, this new beasties are a bright flouro which is apparently to make them more visible and safer for the postie riding said bike. We know the truth though, Big FlouroTM is in Aus Post’s pockets for that sweet delicious flouro market.

Or something.


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