There was a distinct nip in the air this morning as a small herd of assorted scumbags from Sydney Café Racers stretched in bed and geared up. Arguments arose between significant others over how we would stop-off at polling booths to make sure we all voted in the recent local council elections, but this being a Harley group ride, all the would-be 1% milk in their coffee drinkers stormed out ignoring their civic duties in favour of open roads and wider open throttle.

Despite Sydney Café Racers being about café racers (who would’ve thought?) some select pariahs also enjoy the glory of American V-twins. A small group gathered at Harry’s Tempe for a quick pie-n-perve at each others bikes. A lot of people brought out fresh projects that hadn’t been seen by most in daylight hours, yet. After the customary meet-and-greet, the glorious chorus of machines set about causing a ruckus on Parramatta Rd as we made our way out to meet the second group along the M4 Motorway. The day would be filled with a heart amount of riding, food, drinks, bullshit stories and plans for the next ride.

Here’s the story as captured by Joshua Mikhaiel













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