Across thousands of homes, hangovers are subsiding, and the excitement from the Throttle Roll Street Party 2017 is winding down. The events 5th year was a raging, roaring success. Thousands of punters got a hefty boost of bikes and music into their souls, along with a ton of other kickarse motorcycle madness.


Having truly settled into its new home as of 2016, the custom culture celebration filled Railway Parade in Marrickville for a massive day of machines, music, and all that come with it. As is tradition, the festivities would commence long before the gates to the street would be opened. A smooth couple of hundred bikes gathered in the early morning sunshine, ready for the Throttle Roll Ride. This massive mix of motorcycles would ride down south, through the national park, looping back up around to head back into the city where they would enter the official street party.

Upon arrival, the gates were opened and the crowd that had eagerly gathered at the entrance set forth upon the custom shrine of scaffolding. Over 50 custom motorcycles were proudly displayed at this trademark piece of Throttle Roll history. The variety of bikes (and scooters) was a marvel to see. Choppers next to vintage scooters, and sports bikes next to mongrel machines that seemed to fit no genre. Variety is the spice of life – and there was a hell of a lot of it on offer.

The street was abuzz with folks from all walks of life enjoying the amazing food, drinks, music and trade stalls on offer. Industrie Clothing jumped on board to support the event as title sponsor, having a wide range of their kickarse clothing available for sale along with some brand new official Throttle Roll merchandise. Without the support of the amazing brands, this event simply could not happen. Each had created an exciting and interactive display featuring their machines for folks to get up close and personal with. Harley-Davidson had their ridiculous salt flat bagger along with the brand new Street 750, which punters could jump on and get a feel. Triumph had a mighty display of their famous machines, both old and new. Scrambler Ducati’s colourful display showed off their bikes, along with a ton of freebies for folks to talk home.

Sol Invictus had some creative custom machines on display, along with one to give away to one lucky online ticket purchaser later that evening. Riding heritage was out in full force from Royal Enfield, showing some of the creative options that can be adapted to their machines. Yamaha pumped out an impressive display with some custom XSR series bikes that boasted a throwback style colour scheme to their famous 1970’s 2-stroke machines.

Those wanting to chill out could perch their bums down in the dapper Zenith Watches lounge, check out some fancy watches and find out more about The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and the fight to support men’s health. The brands that jumped on board weren’t here to shove products in peoples faces, but share in the excitement of the motorcycling community. The key to the day’s success is everything organic – and there’s something for everyone.

To keep the atmosphere pumping and hips shaking, over 10 hours of live music echoed through the street. A hearty dose of rockabilly to rock and roll was suppled from the likes of The Hollerin’ Sluggers, The ReChords, Frank Sultana & The Sinister Kids, Mesa Cosa, Papa Pilko & The Binrats, with The Delta Riggs and Kingswood bringing it all home. In between sets the beats were kept in full swing courtesy of Limpin’ Jimmy and the Swingin’ Kitten, and the Slippery Trout DJ’s.

A furry celebrity even took some time out of their busy schedule this long weekend to bring some joy and sweetness to families, with the Easter Bunny waltzing around hanging out chocolate eggs from a motorcycle helmet. Fortunately he (or she? we didn’t get that close a look) was well protected with an unbreakable vest from Saint. Next year we’re hoping they can afford some pants. To make parents even happy after filling their kids with chocolate, a Bucking Bull ride was free for all. Some very festive adults even gave it a crack, eager to embarrass themselves in front of hundreds of strangers.


Resident hangover extraordinares Young Henrys and Sailor Jerry kept plenty of folks lubed up with delicious beverages throughout the day and long into the night. Sailor Jerry gave away an amazing custom leather jacket to one lucky bloke – and fortunately enough it was the perfect size! Newtown heavyweights Bovine & Swine Co. and Mary’s pumped out an impressive amount of burgers, along with a troupe of other delicious food-slingers to fill the grumbling bellies. This is a mammoth event that is no easy task to run, but fortunately there’s an army of volunteers behind it that keep the wheels running. Without the amazing community, this event couldn’t exist. A very special thank you to all that helped, and all that came and enjoyed the day. We are proud to announce that we will be back next year, and that we’ll be heading across the pacific to host Throttle Roll LA!


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