Kawasaki_Tracker_W65020160505 (18)
Bikes May 5, 2016

Muntjac – Oliver’s Kawasaki W650

Taking its namesake from a population of feral deer that has been sweeping its way across the UK, Muntjac is a W650 that is the amalgamation of years of experience and work in the motorcycle scene.
Bikes May 3, 2016

Hi Ho Boris! – Ano’s BMW R80

Within seconds of a certain 1993 BMW R80 being listed on Gumtree, Ano was on the phone to the owner claiming dibs on the machine. After years of dreaming and planning an Airhead build, these ideas were about to become a reality.
Bikes May 2, 2016

Dr Scram – Pat’s DR650

Normally broken bones are the result of bikes, one way or another. For Pat however, bikes would be the result from an injury, instead of the cause. Paging Dr Scram!