The Sacred Scrambler: A Vespa Transformed with Love, Art, and Respect for the Land

The story begins with a 1974 Vespa Super frame, abandoned and left to decay. There was no engine, no fork, just a skeletal frame that had weathered the test of time and experienced numerous crude modifications over the years. Holes and cuts marred its surface, a testament to the hands of previous owners who had left their mark for reasons now shrouded in mystery. Even the frame’s integrity was compromised, patched up with a scab-welded industrial shelving bar. It was a far cry from the iconic Vespa it once was.

Scooter Meccanica: Where Restoration Meets Imagination

Enter Scooter Meccanica, a Vespa specialist renowned for their world-class restorations and a deep appreciation for the art of custom builds. The 1974 Vespa Super frame found its way to Scooter Meccanica through the hands of an employee. It didn’t take long for Sandy’s son, Ryder, to become inspired by a vision – a Motocross Vespa Scrambler. This vision was not just about crafting a unique machine; it was an understanding that the land they would ride on across Australia was sacred. It was a call to respect the land, to not exploit it selfishly for profit and greed, but to forge a connection with it that would transform the rider.

The Aboriginal Dreamtime: Weaving Art and Culture

As the project took shape, Ryder drew inspiration from the rich Aboriginal Dreamtime and storylines. He was captivated by the artistry of Zachary Bennett-Brook, who had painted some surfboards that left a lasting impression. Zachary, owner of Saltwater Dreamtime, is a contemporary artist with deep ties to his Torres Strait Islander ancestry and a profound connection to the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

Collaboration was inevitable. Zachary’s art and Scooter Meccanica’s ethos were a perfect match. Zachary’s work echoes the belief that land and water are not mere commodities but sacred places of belonging, deeply connected to one’s culture, spirit, and identity. The land, its stories, language, mythology, and lore are all intertwined, and it is a shared responsibility for all Australians to protect them.

Crafting “The Sacred Scrambler”: A Labor of Love and Respect

“The Sacred Scrambler” became a vessel to carry this message forward. Its transformation was a labor of love, done in close collaboration with Zachary Bennett-Brook. The result is a visual masterpiece that embodies a profound connection to the land and the art of its people.

Notable Modifications and Features:

  • Modified Legshields
  • Reinforced Frame
  • Modified Vespa Et4 Disc Forks
  • Custom-Made Stainless Steel Up-and-Over Exhaust
  • Ported Vespa 125 cc Cases
  • Pinasco 190 Barrel, Piston, and Head
  • 20-Tooth Reinforced Clutch
  • Worb 5 60mm Stroke Crank
  • Vespatronic Variable Ignition
  • 28 mm Pinasco Carb
  • Rear Wheel Brake HP 22 (Standard was 4.5″)

“The Sacred Scrambler” stands as an embodiment of respect for both the land and the machine. It’s a rolling piece of art that serves as a reminder that the land is sacred, and caring for it allows it to care for us in return. Every ride is a journey of connection and transformation, a tribute to the land, and a testament to the power of art and respect.

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