Hidden away in the depths of a shed, or rather leaned against it, this poor TW200 had seen better days. The years of neglect had taken a toll on the once-thriving machine. The engine internals resembled a chaotic mess of metal confetti, while the unforgiving salt air had devoured every piece of exposed metal. Jeremy couldn’t bear to see this sorry sight and, like a knight in shining armor, adopted the neglected beauty on the spot, promising her a “Pretty Woman”-esque fairy tale ending.

A Full Rebirth

The transformation journey began with a complete strip-down. Every bolt and nut that had succumbed to the ravages of time was either replaced or meticulously zinc-coated, reviving their lost luster. The engine, after undergoing vapor blasting and thorough inspection, received a comprehensive rebuild, including the installation of a custom exhaust and a Keihin FCR carburetor.

A Frame Reborn

The frame, once sanded and repaired, found itself fitted with a surfboard rack, reflecting the spirit of adventure and freedom that motorcycles represent. It was then coated in an elegant satin black powder finish, giving it a new lease on life. Both wheels were not left out of the makeover, as they received fresh rims and spokes. To pay homage to the Yamaha XT models of the late ’70s and early ’80s, they were coated in a resplendent champagne gold.

Sleek and Functional Upgrades

The overly extended swingarm was transformed into a more appropriate size, and a custom YSS shock was installed to keep the bumps at bay. The forks received a rechroming treatment, and the lower parts were powder-coated to achieve an OEM finish. A shortened seat, sourced from Japan, was carefully re-foamed to embody the vintage VMX shape, adorned with gripper vinyl and alcantara. The red stitching and Deus badge at the rear added a touch of sophistication.

A Vintage Tank with a Twist

Atop the rejuvenated frame rested an alloy trackmaster-style tank, sporting the iconic early ’80s XT500 color scheme and graphics. This tank not only paid tribute to Yamaha’s heritage but also added a dash of nostalgic charm to the build.

Cockpit Elegance

In the cockpit, Jeremy opted for Protaper EVO tracker bars that perfectly complemented the Motogadget Motoscope Mini and Mo.sign. These high-tech additions were seamlessly recessed into the bar pad, enhancing the bike’s modern functionality. The bar pad itself boasted the same gripper material as the seat, providing a cohesive and stylish look. Messner Moto throttle and switches, along with Motogadget grips, added the final touch to the bars.

Shining Bright

To complete the transformation, Jeremy focused on the lighting. Kellermann Jetstream indicators gracefully handled the task of signaling left and right turns, while a Highsider Bates-style LED headlight illuminated the road ahead with timeless style.

This Yamaha TW200 emerged from its neglected past as a true beauty, a testament to Jeremy Tagand’s skill and dedication. This fairy tale build serves as a reminder that even the most neglected machines can become the stars of the show with a little love and craftsmanship.

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