“From the Streets to the Streets: Yeyo’s Redemption Ride”

Life sometimes takes us down unexpected paths, and for Yeyo, the journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From a troubled youth entangled in the world of crime to serving time behind bars, Yeyo’s life took an unforeseen twist. However, amidst the darkness, there was a glimmer of hope and redemption, and it came in the form of a motorcycle built by Sabotage Motorcycles and Insacious.

Yeyo’s Unconventional Journey

By the age of 12, Yeyo found himself caught up in a world of crime and illicit drugs. His life was spiralling down a treacherous path, leading to a 25-year-old man serving time in an undisclosed offenders’ institution for possession with intent to supply drugs. But within the complexities of Yeyo’s life, there was a spark of inspiration – a passion for craftsmanship and an appreciation for style, particularly embodied in his collection of motorcycles.

A Second Chance for Yeyo and a Neglected CB125

As Sabotage Motorcycles and Insacious set out on their mission, they stumbled upon a set of CB125 parts that had been left neglected and abused. These components were remnants from a previous build, much like Yeyo himself – neglected but still holding the spirit of something more.

Their vision was clear: to surprise Yeyo upon his parole release with a motorcycle that symbolized redemption and a fresh start. Despite the limited budget, they aimed to create a machine that exuded the character of America’s slickest choppers while staying true to Honda’s finest single-cylinder motorcycle.

The Transformation – A Small CC Bike with Big Aspirations

The rebirth of the CB125 was a labor of love and redemption. The motorcycle underwent a stunning transformation:

A larger 19″ front rim, reminiscent of classic choppers.

A hard-tailed rear end for a spine-tingling riding experience.

An upswept custom exhaust that roars with power.

A rebuilt engine, polished to a mirror finish.

Vintage Avon tires for that classic touch.

Custom paintwork by Insacious (aka Pablo Colombi) that adds a unique flair.

An internal throttle with minimal electrics and switching, keeping the front clean and sleek.

The Struggles and Triumphs

The journey to redemption is not without its struggles. Just five weeks before the Throttle Roll unveiling, the motorcycle was stripped down to its bare frame. The engine, forks, wheels, and every other component were in the process of being meticulously rebuilt and polished to perfection. Even the seat was a work in progress, yet the team was determined to make it all come together in time.

The Ride of Redemption

They say the only way to upgrade a CB125s is to “ride it like you stole it.” In Yeyo’s case, this motorcycle represents more than just an upgrade – it symbolises his redemption, a fresh start, and a new lease on life. When he swings a leg over this custom creation, he’ll be riding towards a brighter future, leaving behind the shadows of his past.

Yeyo’s story speaks to the transformative power of motorcycles and the unwavering spirit of those who refuse to be defined by their past. As he embarks on his redemption ride, Yeyo is not just cruising the streets; he’s riding towards a new chapter filled with hope, second chances, and the open road.

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