Chances are we’ve all seen a wild BMW custom build. However, the K model is often overlooked, with the R’s taking priority as donor bikes. Sometimes the most extraordinary creations emerge from the most unexpected sources. Today, we invite you to explore the story of “The Brick,” a unique BMW K100 cafe racer that combines minimalist elegance with cutting-edge engineering.

A Humble Beginning with a Quirky Name

Let’s address the elephant in the room: the name “The Brick.” While it might not be the most original moniker, it’s rooted in history and design. The K series BMW motorcycles were affectionately nicknamed the “flying brick” due to their distinctive 4-cylinder engine design, resembling a brick. The name is proudly displayed on the number plate, signifying a deep connection to the bike’s heritage.

A Chance Encounter Leads to Obsession

The journey of “The Brick” began with a search for an Airhead, but fate had other plans. The builder stumbled upon a K100/K1100 series bike less than a kilometer from their home. It may have been in poor condition and even came with an attached bike lock, but it had potential written all over it. The decision was made: The Brick had found its new owner.

A Garage-Born Masterpiece

“The Brick” is a product of pure DIY passion. Every aspect of the build, from concept to completion, took place in the owner’s garage. The inspiration behind this masterpiece was clear – create a minimalist cafe racer that places the spotlight on the magnificent engine. The aim? Make a heavyweight (weighing over 250kg) bike appear light and nimble.

Electrifying Aesthetics: The Circuit Board Paint Scheme

The bike’s paint scheme, resembling a circuit board, not only showcases the builder’s expertise as an electrical engineer but also adds a futuristic touch. It’s a nod to the classic movie “Tron,” reflecting the owner’s love for the film.

Performance Upgrades and Custom Touches

“The Brick” didn’t just receive a visual makeover; it got a performance boost too. A 2010 GSXR1000 front end, custom triples, Woodcraft clip-ons, and a Brembo RCS master cylinder transformed the bike’s handling and appearance. Motogadget mini instruments on each clip-on provide a unique twist to monitoring speed and rpm while riding.

The airbox was swapped for a 3D-printed intake manifold with a DNA filter. To maintain a cohesive look, a custom enclosure was fabricated to house fuel level and coolant temperature gauges, along with the Motogadget m.lock.

The Wiring Odyssey

A crucial aspect of the build was the rewiring. An entire new wiring loom was installed, driven by the desire for a minimalist appearance and the choice of Motogadget m-unit and Rebelmoto controls. What began as a three-month wiring project turned into an exercise in patience, as the builder continually sought perfection, even if it meant starting over.

Balancing Form and Function

While aesthetics played a significant role in the transformation of “The Brick,” performance upgrades weren’t forgotten. The bike now sports a K1200 fuel rail, 3-bar pressure regulator, 4-hole injectors, and a performance chip. Ceramic-coated K100 headers, coupled with a free-flowing exhaust, enhance both the look and sound.

The switch to Pirelli rubber, with Rosso 4 on the front and Rosso 2 on the rear, along with the addition of a YSS shock, dramatically improved the bike’s handling compared to the stock BMW setup.

“The Brick” is a testament to creativity, dedication, and a love for motorcycles that knows no bounds. It’s proof that even a bike that might be considered a “brick” in some circles can be transformed into a sleek, high-performance masterpiece. This cafe racer is more than just a bike; it’s a work of art on wheels that stands as a testament to what’s possible with passion, patience, and a little bit of technological wizardry.

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