Are we in the golden age of motorcycle customisation? A place where innovation and creativity reign supreme, the peak of design and resourcefulness. If this is the age we live in, then Black Cycles Australia stands out as a true visionary. Their creation, aptly named “Golden Age,” is indicative of their exceptional craftsmanship and ingenuity. Let’s delve into the mish-mashed story of this Ducati masterpiece that beautifully combines classic charm with modern power.

From Sydney to Brisbane: A Motorcycle’s Journey

It all began when Simon, a motorcycle enthusiast from Sydney, entrusted his 2000 Ducati 916 to the skilled hands of Noel Muller, the mastermind behind Black Cycles Australia. What Simon received in return was beyond his wildest dreams – a Ducati Monster reborn as a sensational cafe racer.

A Challenge and a Vision

Accompanying the partially complete 916 were various parts and pieces, including a Redmax tank and tail kit. However, Noel saw a challenge in fitting these components onto a water-cooled bike. Simon, ever the enthusiast, proposed a brilliant solution: acquire an air-cooled Ducati, incorporate as many supplied parts as possible, and embark on a custom build. Meanwhile, the 916 was set on a different path, undergoing a transformation with the addition of a turbocharger.

A Leap of Faith and a Vision Unveiled

For the cafe racer project, a 2000 Ducati Monster M600 frame was chosen. Simon placed complete trust in Noel, opting not to see a single image until the project’s completion. The first step involved modifying the frame to accommodate the tank and tail kit. Extensive modifications to the rear end were made to ensure a seamless fit between the two components, creating an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive design.

The Art of Craftsmanship: The Tank and Beyond

The heart of “Golden Age” is undoubtedly its exquisite fuel tank. Handcrafted with meticulous precision, this tank exudes classic charm. Noel, a master fabricator, made subtle adjustments to ensure perfect mounting on the frame without compromising steering freedom. Adding to its allure, a leather strap adorns the tank’s front, complemented by a Monza filler cap for that quintessential Italian touch. The bodywork is expertly finished with a blade-like front fender, attached with custom mounts.

Minimalism Meets Elegance: The Details

A minimalistic approach extends to the 7-inch LED headlight, which sits almost flush between the forks, enhancing the bike’s sleek profile. The color scheme is a symphony of deep gloss black and shimmering gold, meticulously applied by Justin at PopBang Classics. The frame, wheels, and forks all share the striking gold theme, creating a harmonious visual masterpiece.

Power and Performance: The Heart of the Beast

To match its captivating aesthetics, “Golden Age” packs a powerful punch. The engine was upgraded to the larger M900 variant and completely rebuilt for peak performance. Fueling the fire are overhauled 38mm Mikuni carbs, ensuring the engine breathes freely. A custom exhaust system, with stainless GP-styled mufflers, adds a sonorous note to the symphony of power. The exposed dry clutch, a classic Ducati touch, adds the final flourish.

Control and Comfort: The Rider’s Domain

To put the rider in perfect control, custom rearsets and clip-ons were meticulously fitted. A handcrafted seat, adorned with a retro-styled rib pattern by Adam at Carman’s Auto Trimmers, offers both comfort and style. Quality Pirelli rubber wraps the wheels, completing the attention to detail that defines this build.

The Finishing Touches: Suspension and Brakes

Noel and his team left no stone unturned, reworking the suspension and brakes to perfection. The rear shock was completely rebuilt, while Hel Performance braided lines were installed for the brakes and clutch. The wiring was expertly handled by Justin, with top-quality components throughout. The cockpit boasts a Motogadget mini speedo, m-buttons, and glassless bar-end mirrors, creating a seamless and functional control center.

The Grand Unveiling and the Road Ahead

As the finishing touches were applied, “Golden Age” emerged as a true masterpiece. Simon’s surprise was met with sheer delight, and he was ready to make a grand entrance at Sydney’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

“Golden Age” by Black Cycles Australia is a triumph of vision and craftsmanship. It seamlessly melds classic elegance with modern power, resulting in a cafe racer that stands as at the pinnacle of the artistry of motorcycle customization. This remarkable creation reminds us that the golden age of motorcycling is very much alive and thriving. Read more about the build on Pipeburn.

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