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The Throttle Roll Swap Meat – This Sunday!

Since its conception, Throttle Roll has been about combining amazing bikes and their builders with great music, food and people. The event, held at The Vic in Enmore, has grown organically each year. The event is free, and open to be enjoyed by families, pets and those that haven’t a got particular interest in the bike scene. It’s an event that provides something for everyone, with no ego.

The Throttle Roll Swap Meat is a smaller addition to the usual juggernaut that is Throttle Roll. Still held at The Vic, this is a one day event (free, of course) where bike builders and collectors bring in their unwanted parts/junk, take a spot in the sun and enjoy the day of music, booze as well as games like sprocket ring toss. Everyone is encouraged to wear a Hawaiian shirt, with one special tropical person winning a $200 bar tab!

Proudly sponsored and made possible by Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co and Rising Sun Workshop



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