Victorious! Five photographers work based on motorcycles squeezed into one cosy gallery, featuring plenty of fine folk and fine booze. Courtesy of Sol Invictus, the work of Cam Elkins (Stories of Bike), Billy Zammit, Kate Disher-Quill and Heleana Genaus from In Venus Varitas was showcased in physical print form.

Down at M2 gallery in Surry Hills, a troop of riders and bike enthusiasts from around Sydney rubbed bike jackets together and talked shit, all the while enjoying the work of these featured photographers. Speaking with John Benton, half of Sol Invictus (honourable mention to his brother, Derek – the other half) “The idea came from seeing some great shots that were floating around instagram and blogs that were documenting the scene. We thought it would be great to display them in a more physical environment where people could take the time and really appreciate them”

Mounted on bare wooden boards, the prints cleanly displayed some fantastic bikes and their riders. Seeing images in the flesh is great and refreshing, a welcome change from illuminated screens. The exhibition was a great success, with plenty of people coming by to check out what was on display. Word of the exhibition making it’s way up to Newcastle was heard, and for the long term an annual Victorious exhibition is on the plate. With photography being a huge part of the custom motorcycle culture, it’s great seeing the people behind the images that showcase so many bikes and events be put on display and appreciated.

The photographers featured were asked to provide a short list of shots they considered to be their best work. The final images were then picked based on what was thought to be best visually and what would create the best balance for the event.

Can Elkins:

Cole bennetts:

Billy Zammit:

Heleana Genaus:  –

Kate Disher-quill: