A Father’s Labor of Love

Meet “Lina,” a 1978 Suzuki GS850 that began its journey in rough shape but transformed into a custom masterpiece, all thanks to the unwavering dedication of a father for his daughter. This heartwarming tale takes us through the stages of Lina’s transformation, proving that with determination and a passion for motorcycles, anything is possible.

A Dream Begins: The Birth of “Lina”

In 2018, a maroon 1978 Suzuki GS850 entered the life of a dedicated motorcycle enthusiast. However, this bike had a unique purpose; it was destined to become a special gift for the builder’s daughter. At just 13 years old, Lina dreamt of owning a custom-built motorcycle, and her loving father was determined to make that dream come true. Thus, “Lina” the GS850 was born.

Starting from Scratch

The Suzuki GS850 may not be the first choice for customization among bike builders, given its bulky and muscular appearance. However, our builder was undaunted by the challenge. The engine, though in decent compression, needed a complete overhaul. It was a labor of love, and every step taken was with the utmost care.

The “Do-It-Yourself” Philosophy

When it comes to bike building, the motto here is simple: “Do everything myself.” The builder took pride in tackling every aspect of the project, from frame cutting and welding to handcrafting an aluminium fuel tank, cowl, and seat. The attention to detail was meticulous, right down to the upholstery, wet blasting, powder coating (except the frame), plating, and painting.

Practicality Meets Coolness

The guiding principle behind the Lina project was “practicality.” The builder was determined not to compromise on functionality for the sake of design or aesthetics. The result is a motorcycle that not only looks cool but also offers a comfortable seating position and retains its classic charm.

The Suzuki GS850, known for its muscle and weight, required some weight loss to achieve the desired look and feel. The choice of classic VW beige as the colour not only lightened the appearance but also maintained its timeless appeal.

Handcrafted Marvels: The Fuel Tank and Seat Cowl

While many aspects of Lina’s transformation were impressive, two standout features are the handbuilt fuel tank and seat cowl. These unique elements contribute to Lina’s distinct appearance, setting her apart from any other Suzuki GS850 on the road.

Designing the Dream

Dealing with the bulky, muscular look of the GS850 presented its fair share of challenges, but the builder persevered. It’s safe to say that designing the perfect blend of form and function was perhaps the most demanding aspect of this project.

Performance Upgrade

Not content with merely improving the aesthetics, the builder also breathed new life into Lina’s heart. The engine was freshened up, and performance enhancements, including DNA pod filters and a Yoshimura exhaust system with a custom-built 4-2-1 header, were added. Lina’s roar now matches her striking appearance.

In the end, Lina isn’t just a motorcycle; she’s a testament to the love of a father for his daughter and the relentless pursuit of a dream. The story of Lina reminds us that the beauty of motorcycle customization lies not just in the final result but in the journey itself – a journey filled with determination, craftsmanship, and boundless love.

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