Custom motorcycling is a vibrant world, where each build tells a unique story, there’s something truly captivating about a bike that doesn’t bear a name. Such is the tale of Brickworks Motor Co’s first creation, a 1985 BMW K75 that defies convention and embodies the essence of custom craftsmanship. Is it a coincidence that the first-ever Brickworks Motor Co bike was built upon a brick? Read more to find out!

The Donor Bike: A Hidden Gem

Born from the bones of a 1985 BMW K75C, this project was a serendipitous discovery that took shape within the folds of the Sydney Cafe Racer Facebook group. In the early days of customizing K-bikes, the potential was intriguing. Though the bike arrived in a state of disarray, showing signs of a past accident, its low mileage of 60,000 kilometers was a beacon of hope.

A Symphony of Parts

To create this symphony of asymmetry, the Brickworks Motor Co team embraced a mix of creativity and collaboration. They incorporated a front end from a 2004 Yamaha R1 and a rear shock from a Ducati Sport Classic, setting the stage for a one-of-a-kind transformation. The rest of the motorcycle is an amalgamation of custom fabrication, a culmination of the builder’s vision and ingenuity.

Cleaning Up the Lines

One of the standout features of this BMW K75 customisation project was the commitment to clean, flowing lines. Many K75s and K100s had undergone transformations, but often their lines remained inconsistent. Brickworks aimed to change that narrative, aiming to create a design that streamlined the bike’s silhouette while honuoring the BMW K-series’ affinity for aluminium and asymmetry.

The Collaborative Spirit

Building a custom motorcycle is rarely a solo endeavour. In the case of this untitled marvel, Brickworks Motor Co leaned on the expertise of Crafted Performance, Spreadcheese Fabrications, and Badarse Trim Co for specialized tasks like CNC work, fabrication, and upholstery. Each contribution added a unique element to the bike, culminating in a creation that couldn’t have come to life without their collective talents.

Defining Features

Several standout features distinguish this BMW K75 from the rest. The custom top triple clamp, proudly bearing the Brickworks logo, holds the Yamaha R1 forks in place. The tank, an integral part of the bike’s aesthetic, has been artfully lowered at the rear, flowing seamlessly into a custom asymmetric subframe with a dragster-style tail meticulously handcrafted from aluminium bodywork. The pièce de résistance, however, is the custom-made brake disc on the rear wheel, where the letters “BRICKWORKS” have been masterfully cut out, elevating the bike’s visual impact.

A Tale of Triumph Over Adversity

Every custom build has its share of trials, and this BMW K75 was no exception. During the welding of the K75 tank, a dramatic incident occurred. The tank exploded, creating a shower of shrapnel. Miraculously, James Sinclair of Spreadcheese survived the incident unscathed. The setback led to the serendipitous discovery of a K100 tank, which not only replaced the damaged one but also offered a better shape for the overall build.

Performance and Transformation

While the K75 engine is robust, it’s not known for being highly tuneable. Instead, the heart of the transformation lies in the sport suspension and brakes. These upgrades have completely metamorphosed the bike from a languid old tourer into a refined and well-balanced cafe racer. It now eagerly takes on twisty canyon roads with grace and poise, showcasing the potential of this vintage marvel.

The unnamed BMW K75 by Brickworks Motor Co stands as a construction vision, craftsmanship, and the enduring allure of creating something truly unique. It’s a symphony of asymmetry, a blend of old and new, and a ride that defies expectations—a masterpiece of two-wheeled artistry that speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

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