When it comes to creating two-wheeled masterpieces, Black Cycles knows no bounds. Their latest creation, a 1970 Ducati Scrambler 250 turned café racer, is a testament to their ability to transform vintage bikes into rolling works of art. Let’s dive into the story behind this magnificent machine.

The Rouge Road: Ben’s Café Racer Dream

Ben, a loyal customer from Sydney, was no stranger to Black Cycles’ magic. Having already witnessed their craftsmanship with his 1950 Triumph pre-unit build, he approached the team with a new vision—a small-capacity Ducati café racer. The challenge was accepted, and the hunt for the perfect Ducati began.

Finding the Right Canvas: A Scrambler 250 Emerges

Black Cycles discovered a 1970 Ducati Scrambler 250 at one of their trusted importers, and it was in surprisingly good condition. This vintage gem was the ideal starting point for Ben’s dream machine.

A Heightened Ride: Rims, Hubs, and Spokes

To kickstart the transformation, the team focused on perfecting the ride height. They replaced the original rims with flanged alloy ones, laced to the stock hubs using stainless steel spokes. The result? A harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and modern durability.

Blending Tradition and Innovation: The Tank Transformation

The next step was a delicate one—fitting a Benelli Mojave fuel tank. This required extensive modifications, especially around the lower front, to seamlessly integrate it with the aftermarket front fairing. The fairing itself underwent significant alterations to accommodate the original headlight and flow seamlessly into the tank. A custom stainless fuel filler feature was also added for a touch of sophistication.

Tailored Tail and a Vintage Touch: Handcrafted Excellence

The tail section of the Ducati café racer is a testament to handcrafted perfection. Forged from 1mm steel, it showcases the team’s dedication to detail. A custom-fabricated seat takes centre-stage, adorned with a vintage Ducati badge perched proudly at the rear.

A Heart that Beats Strong: The Engine’s Transformation

Under the hood, or rather the sleek exterior, the engine was a gem waiting to shine. A thorough cleaning, servicing, and a touch of polish on the covers breathed new life into this classic powerhouse. While a new Mini carb was initially fitted, the original carb found its way back home, ensuring authenticity and performance. There;s nothing quite like ringing the neck of a fiery 250!

The Symphony of Stainless: Crafting the Exhaust

The pièce de résistance of this Ducati café racer is undoubtedly the full one-piece stainless steel reverse cone exhaust. Handcrafted from scratch, it not only adds to the bike’s aesthetics but also provides the signature throaty growl cafe racers are known for.

Classic Elements with a Modern Twist: Details that Matter

The devil is in the details, and Black Cycles left no stone unturned. Chrome clip-on bars, Highsider bar-end mirrors, and Motogadget bar-end blinkers enhance both form and function. The original Speedo, nestled within the headlight, was preserved, alongside vintage-style switches.

Lighting Up the Road: Custom Number Plate Mount

The custom-made number plate mount serves a dual purpose. It houses Kellerman micro all-in-one lights and Highsider micro number plate lights, ensuring that this café racer stands out day or night.

From Faux Patina to Ferrari Red: A New Coat of Paint

Initially painted with a faux patina scheme, Ben decided that this Ducati deserved something truly classic. The bike was treated to a stunning Ferrari Rosso Corsa red finish in 2k paint, complete with a deep layer of 2k clear. The transformation was complete, and the Ducati was reborn in timeless elegance.

Born to Ride: Ben’s Café Racer

The Black Cycles team delivered Ben’s dream bike, and he couldn’t be happier. The little beast regularly roams the streets, spreading joy with its striking design and thrilling performance. This Ducati café racer isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a piece of art on wheels, a reminder of the endless possibilities that can be realized when passion meets craftsmanship.

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