A Red Stallion With More Horsepower Than A Stable

Here we have a classic Honda CB1100 Boldor like you’ve never seen before. This 1981 beauty, known as the “Red Stallion,” was brought to life by the skilled hands of Black Cycles in a remarkable custom build journey. Its muscle engine and stripped back design makes it a thumping force on the road (and it’s red, so you know it’s fast).

A Journey Begins: The Call From Canberra

In late 2022, Dan, a new customer hailing from Canberra, made a call that would kickstart an extraordinary project. Dan had been collecting top-shelf motorcycle parts for six years, and he had a vision for his 1981 Honda CB1100 Boldor. The call to Black Cycles was the beginning of something special.

A Unique Vision: Classic Meets Modern

Dan had a clear vision for his beloved bike: he wanted a classic cafe racer build, and he had some specific requests. He wanted to incorporate a modified CB fuel tank he had created and the collection of top-tier parts he had gathered. These parts included a Nitro Racing full titanium 4-into-1 exhaust, Yoshimura race carbs, Motor Gear Works engine covers with a hydraulic clutch conversion, Motor Gear Works full electronic ignition, an ’07 GSXR USD front end, 19″ and 18″ Sun rims, Cognito Moto triple trees, hubs, and rear sets, Brembo levers and perches, billet clip-ons, Brembo rear caliper conversion, billet handlebar switches, and a Metchamex handmade vintage racing alloy swingarm from the UK, paired with Ohlins rear shocks.

A Redesign: Transforming the Frame

One of the first challenges Black Cycles faced was to redesign the frame to create a lower and sleeker profile. The rear of the frame was entirely removed and replaced with a new, slimmer rear section, giving the bike an entirely new look.

A Modern Twist: Redefining the Tank

As work began, the team at Black Cycles decided to take a more contemporary approach to the build. While respecting Dan’s desire for a classic cafe racer, they modified a slimmer aftermarket tank to align with a modern aesthetic. The bold decision paid off, giving the bike a unique and eye-catching appearance reminiscent of legendary Ferrari sports cars.

The Art of 3D Paint

One of the standout features of the “Red Stallion” is its remarkable paint job. In collaboration with Justin from Popbang Classics, the team decided to create a unique 3D paint job that you can feel. Using stencils and high-fill 2K primer, they painstakingly built up the paint layer by layer. The result is a glossy Ferrari Rosso Corsa finish that truly pops.

Fine-Tuning and Customization Galore

Every aspect of this bike received meticulous attention. From a Dynatek 2000 full electronic ignition to Motogadget digital speedometers, Kellerman LED lights, and a Motogadget M-Unit, this bike is a masterpiece of customisation. Custom-made sprockets and a 520 gold race chain, Ohlins internals in the forks, lithium batteries, Hel brake and clutch lines, and 2K-finished callipers are just some of the enhancements that make this bike a standout.

The Red Stallion Rides Again

The “Red Stallion” Honda CB1100 Boldor by Black Cycles is a work of art and a labor of love. With around 250 hours of dedication poured into its creation, this masterpiece is a testament to craftsmanship, creativity, and the endless possibilities of custom bike building. As it hits the road with nearly 100 HP at the rear wheel, the Red Stallion is ready to pound hearts and turn heads wherever it roams.

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