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Dave’s DRZ 400e Scrambler

For Dave’s second complete bike build, he was after a bike that could do just about anything and everything. Old school look and feel, but modern machining and performance. For Dave, a Suzuki DRZ 400e fit the bill just fine.

Christmas of 1983 marked the beginning of what would be an addiction to bikes. Dave and his brother had received a Honda Z50 from their Father. “I think it was more of an excuse for Dad to get a bike as well. Most of my life I’ve owned and ridden dirt bikes, apart from hoarding a couple of monkey bikes.”

Going for a complete custom motorbike that had everything Dave missed on his first build, Dave was looking for a bike that could tackle anything. “It needed to have that 70’s look, chrome guards and chunky tyres – but ride and have the power of a modern steed.”

“I love the build as much as the ride. I set myself the task of trying something new, with a mate’s TIG welder in hand I taught myself how to weld and build a new subframe, also knocking up a spray booth and 2 packing the tinwork.

The biggest headfuck was the cooling system, as the stock radiators fouled the tank and weren’t going to make the cut. The 75 turned out just like the picture I’d scribbled at my desk.”

“My favourite thing about this bike would have to be how fun it is to ride! It brings out your inner Hooligan. It’s great for around town, blasting tunnels with the local crew, hitting the twisties up in the hills or bashing fire trails and getting lost.”

Photography by Brenden Allen –  photo@brendenallen.com – @ba_photo


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