On 23rd January, Sydney Motorsport Park was a sea of red and sleek Italian design. Sydney Ducatista was having its first Ducatista Riders Festival, a celebration and showcase of Italian speed machines from different decades along with plenty of other vehicles for the punters to enjoy.

Ducatista found its roots in the merging of two groups, one being a small Ducati riders group that focused on modern Ducatis while the other was simply a bunch of guys that were trying to make a film that highlighted the passion behind the Ducati bikes and their riders. It was here that Ducatista would be born and from it’s humble beginnings it would grow and expand into something much more, boasting 1200+ members in its Sydney facebook group, 150+ members in Canberra and over 200 members in it’s more recent Melbourne addition. It’s a growing group of riders that are embracing the love for Ducatis, sharing knowledge and organising plenty of rides for its members to take part in.

The Ducatista Riders Festival is the first of what will no doubt be many events from the group. Despite the weather not being entirely in their favour, the day was a great success with hundreds coming out to Eastern Creek to pour over the hundreds of speed machines that were on display and on the track. The event was free and was perfect for the whole family, with there being a jumping castle and kids area. Unfortunately there was no jumping castle for the adults, but we hope that will be amended by the next event.

There was plenty to look at apart from just nice bikes, with Vozz Helmets having a display where you could try on and learn more about their exciting new take on the motorcycle helmet as well as plenty of food trucks. Members from the group enjoyed doing laps of the track and honing their skills, with a brief downpour putting a stop to the laps for a small moment before the lads and ladies headed back out onto the track.

To find out more on Ducatista and see what else is on for 2016, head to www.SydneyDucatista.com or following them at @ducatisofinstagram


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