The air was thick with dust and the howls and screams of engines as Aftershock 2016 kicked off on the weekend. A cacophony of inappropriate 2-wheeled machines took to the dirt track as they raced and rammed through the hot sun in yet another hugely successful weekend of mayhem.

For it’s third time in Sydney, Aftershock would encourage riders to create machines that would be completely unsuccessful off-road – as that is Aftershock’s ethos. It’s about adding street tyres to your dirt bikes, ape hangers to your trackers, anything that is stupid and inappropriate for dirt is fine for Aftershock. Nothing is to be taken seriously this weekend, except to have fun, have a brap, and more than likely a stack along with it.

Just over a hundred folk gathered at the property for the weekend of mayhem. Young and old, all keen for the forth-coming chaos. With two tracks on offer, a mini Philip Island track and a more traditional flat track, there was plenty to test the mettle of the deranged bikes and their equally deranged owners. There would be races on both days of the event, with winners and trophies awarded at the end of the Sunday.

Race Classes
Classic Dirt 200cc and under

Classic Dirt 250cc and Over


Inappropriate under 200cc

Inappropriate 250cc

Inappropriate Open Class

Inappropriate MX Class.

After a long day’s riding, the now filthy punters cleaned off on a giant slip ‘n’ slide, and enjoyed some ice cold beer generously donated by Young Henry’s, with all cash made being donated to the local Fire Brigade, who also put on a ton of awesome food for everyone to enjoy. The fun wasn’t over by a long shot, as two tiny pee-wee bikes were brought out along with some makeshift jousts crafted from pool noodles. Any grudges formed during the day were settled on the battlefield, or in this case on the dirt surrounded by a hundred laughing and screaming people. There were some gallant charges made, along with some not-so-gallant ones. As the sun set, the beers kept flowing and it was time to light the gigantic bonfire, instantly lighting up and warming anything within a 1km radius.

The sun rose and the mist began to disperse on the Sunday, with the sound of engines slowly awakening from their slumber, as day two of Aftershock was to begin in full force. This day would be all about the flat track, with riders hooning down the straight to then turn left, only to hoon and turn left again… and again. From here, winners for each class would be awarded their piston and sprocket trophies, as the sun slowly went down once more, and for the last time for Aftershock until 2017.

Photos by Pat Stevenson, Matt Coleman & Pete Cagnacci

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