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Lids – Jed’s Heads

Much like a boring haircut, a boring helmet won’t get you laid. Fortunately for you, Dr Jed has just the medicine. Administered in the form of 1 shot paint, procrastination and half a dozen tinnies of VB.

Results may vary.

Jed was kind enough to give us a peek behind the curtain as to what goes on with these lids.

“I generally start by getting a brief from the client, or by gauging their personality. For the first few I did for myself it was more about getting used to the 1 shot paint and sign writing brushes as I’m definitely no expert sign writer. If I’m just painting one of my helmets I’ll generally try and come up with a concept that’s funny, goofy or just lowbrow and offensive to squares. Something that goes against whatever the current zeitgeist in the custom bike scene is at the time.

I then procrastinate a bunch before taking days and days to get one done. My current low-grade skill set means it takes me bloody ages to hand paint each one.

I then go riding.”

To check out more of Jed’s work click here or find him on instagram @thepieddepyper

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