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Mark’s Bultaco Bullpen

You can’t visit Mark’s place without nearly tripping over a bike. I’m not sure if it was the sheer quantity of bikes he had, or the fact that I was too busy trying to count them. Unfortunately I may have taken it a little too literally when Pink Floyd sung “we don’t need no education” and now my ability to navigate a maze of bikes and count at the same time has been compromised.

Upon arrival I was immediately greeted by with a Jag and a Triumph in the driveway. I figured this bloke definitely likes autos and I wasn’t wrong. Jumping on two-wheels when he was 14, Mark’s first bike was a Honda SL125 1972. In 1978 he bought his first Bultaco, a Bultaco Frontera Enduro. After racing it for about 10 years he left for work overseas, and upon his return decided to restore the bike properly.

Soon after this return and restore, Mark started gathering up other Bultaco’s in boxes and as parts bikes. “Most of them I restored as they were too good to part out. I think at one stage I was restoring about two a year. Bultacos are very simple bikes, but they’re also fast, light, and easy to make reliable by installing a new electronic ignition and Mikuni carbi”

“I raced vintage motocross and dirt track for about 10 years. I was planning to race dirt track again this year but I broke my leg kick-starting a 600cc four-stroke, so that stopped that for 2015. Next year I’ll be racing 3 bikes; a Pursang slider, and two Pursang MX bikes. I have 3 Pursangs (MX), 2 Sherpa T’s (trials) and 2 Fronteras (enduro). I also have a couple of Ossas – a Stilletto (MX) and Mick Andrews Replica (trials)”

What’s the most used tool in your garage?

“My multimeter. I’ve rewired about 7 of my bikes recently; two Bultacos, a Kawasaki Z1300, a Yamaha RZ350, a CZ125 Sport, a Laverda Jota and a Norton Commando. I’m definitely on intimate terms with my multimeter!”


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