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Knees Down & Leather Up

It was time to chuck a sickie from work and head out to Eastern Creek to have a track day with the members of Sydney Café Racers. Some of the bikes may not have been the flashiest wheels on the track, but a fine ragtag bunch of bikes and riders none the less, all keen to push it and give it their all.

The day started nice and early, with some beautiful sunshine to welcome all the riders. Training began in the classroom with our trainer Yanni, and after a couple of other bike groups had their run it was time for SCR to go for a spin. On the first run, an old Ducati was dropped and would be the first and only casualty for the day. The owner was fine, however the bike may need some new handlebars.

As the day progressed, everyone pushed themselves a bit harder as their bikes and tires warmed up. The riders also became more used to the track, and as the confidence was raised the bikes got lower around the corners and faster. Yanni taught a lot of key points to the group about keeping the bikes upright while on the track. Some riders had hit the track dozens of times before, whereas others were fresh onto the scene. The sound of the bikes going around the track was sterling, with so many varied pipes and engines making a beautiful chorus of noise.

By the end of the day, everyone had a solid run on the track. There was some healthy competition between some of the riders, an honourable mention to Champo, Chris, Mark and Tol who all gave a lot on the track, with a few foot pegs being ground down in the process. A couple of bikes had to call it quits early due to fuel leaks and battery issues, but everyone had a great time honing their skills on both the bike and the track.

A big thanks to MotoDNA for putting on the training day! – to increase your skills head over to


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