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The Throttle Roll Swap Meat 2015

The Throttle Roll 2015 Swap Meat was on, and it could not have been a better day! Not a cloud in the sky, a ton of parts to buy, lots of bikes to perv on and of course a ton of amazing food and beer.

Utes, trailers and their respective owners turned up nice and early at The Vic On The Park to set up their spot and sell some bike parts; as well as anything else found in the shed that had to go. There was a huge mix of parts, from almost every decade and condition. The great migration of parts moving from one persons shed to another was to begin!

A steady flow of riders and their bikes, families, and everyone in between filled the venue. There was a whole lamb on the spit that have been slowly but surely cooking since the morning, and none too surprisingly a long line formed once it was ready for the carving. Anyone that was savvy enough to wear a Hawaiian shirt went into the raffle to win a $200 bar tab at the venue. This was awarded to Jon Mann & Gary Vicente after a controversial opinion on shirts was raised, the prize was split in two and each walked away with a $100 voucher to spend on booze.

The tunes were taken care of by Cruisin’ Deuces who had everyone tapping their toes, playing a ton of excellent rockabilly. The double bass player may have sold his soul to the devil for those mean skills he displayed, proving to be a crowd favourite.


A massive thanks to our sponsors, Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co and Rising Sun Workshop for helping make what was truly a sterling day possible.


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