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Lunch With The Tiger Moths – Luskintyre Airfield

Home to the largest fleet of operational Tiger Moths in Australia, Luskintyre Airfield opened up its hangars on Saturday to the public. It didn’t take long for the surrounding area to be filled with dozens of other amazing machines, as vintage car clubs arrived as well as the Newcastle Café Racers on their mongrel mix of bikes.

The day started out at Café Inu in Newcastle, where the Newcastle Café Racers were meeting before the ride out to Luskintyre. It was a sterling morning, and a nice warm day was no doubt on the cards. The bikes began to gather, and passers by got in a good dose of rubber necking done before we set off in formation.

The group headed out through Morpeth, North-West of Newcastle. From there we continued out and around to Lambs Valley. The roads were great fun, cutting through the green fields all the while dodging our fair share of potholes. Heaven help the poor café racer or bobber that was to hit one of these holes at ~90k/ph.

After riding up a dusty track, we’d arrived at Luskintyre Airfield. The bikes found themselves a spot in the brilliant sun alongside a vintage car club. There might have been a machine from every decade of the past 110 years, from old Board Trackers to war-era aircraft. A Grumman TBF Avenger sat triumphantly towards the back of the hangars, the WWII Torpedo Bomber appeared much larger in size in real life than all the old films had let on.


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