The  lead up to Throttle Roll is by no means uncomplicated, it involves a lot of planning and foreplay to get the juices flowing. Of course spanners are thrown into the works, which will happen when working with machines, but thankfully behind the event is a strong troop of loyal and passionate riders.

These are the people that take time out from their schedules and time at work to help build and make Throttle Roll what it is. Fuckin’ mint.

If you have a skill, there’s a job for you in the set up. Be it driving a forklift, setting up the scaffolding, or the important task of drinking beer and talking shit while Mark Hawwa isn’t watching. As all the bikes start to roll in during the morning, photos are taken with the owners and they’re then organised and chucked onto a forklift, to be lifted into the (scaffolding) heavens.

Thanks to all those that took the time to help out!