It’s gotten a bit chilly at the moment, and from the winter catalogue of Segura comes the Memphis Jacket. A weatherproof, thermal lined jacket that’s dying for adventure.

This jacket has a very classic style, and is something we can definitely see being a hit with scrambler riders and others so-inclined. The Memphis is a wax cotton jacket made from oiled canvas. This gives a lot of movement and comfort, while keeping you protected from the elements. We took these jackets for a thrash through the streets and off-road through more challenging terrain to see just how well they would hold up.

Segura are no strangers to making great looking jackets, that also cover the rider in regards to protection, and the Memphis appears to be no exception. They’re available in a very safe black colour, or a more adventurous khaki. Coming from the winter catalogue, it’s a jacket designed to take on whatever  elements are thrown at you.

The jacket is waterproof, with breathable insert. A big plus for this is the removable thermal aluminum lining. This will keep your warm as you retain all that magnificent body heat. Once the sun comes out and you begin to sweat like a nun in a cucumber patch, this can be easily removed with the zipper attachment. Vents are located at the back of the jacket and breast to allow airflow and keep you cool when riding.

Its remarkably sturdy build means this is designed to last, despite what you may throw at it. Now this is of course a jacket design for riders, so it comes with approved removable CE protection for your elbows and shoulders. It does not come with back protection as standard, but there is a pouch for you to slip one in which can be easily purchased. Internal yaw size adjustment helps create a truer fit for the rider as well.

There’s no scarcity of pockets for this jacket either, which is great for losing various amounts of small change and lighters in. We counted three interior pockets, and 6 exterior. Rumour has it that one leads to a magical land with a talking lion, however this might the result of leftovers from a festival.

Riding with the jacket in the rain kept us dry, with it also drying off quite quickly. From a style perspective, it fits a lot of bills. It looks great with nice jeans and boots, as well as more casual pants and shoes. It looks great on any style of bike, particularly modern classics.

Conclusion: These jackets retail for $449.95 AUD, which is quite an attractive price for a French designed, great looking jacket that will protect from both the road and the elements. It’s not as sturdy as leather, but then again it’s not meant to be.  It’d make an excellent jacket for a long day out riding, where you’re hitting every kind of road and element.

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