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The Iron Badgers

The Iron Badgers – two mates flogging small capacity bikes across Europe and Asia in the famous Mongol Rally; all the while raising money to help fight prostate cancer.

Dave and Jamie have both been riding since they were teenagers, “I was studying back in Perth and had got myself a Postie as a cheap means of getting around” Dave explained, and owning and maintaining this little red Australian staple was what really sparked his interest in the bike world.

“Whilst having access to fast/free internet at Uni, I would spend my lectures looking up ways to make it go a bit quicker and then try it out when I got home.”

Jamie started on two wheels a bit before Dave, “My best mate Paul’s family had this awesome property in Toodyay about 2 hours north of Perth. They were some of the best weekends growing up, as they had a little peewee 80 or 90, two quads and I think an old Triton 125… we’d get to this big bush block and instantly wheel the bikes out of the shed and tear around till sunset. It was great he had all the gear too, most of it was crazy big on me I imagine it would have been a funny sight.”

Now they’re pooling together all the knowledge and experience they’ve accrued over the years on two wheels and are embarking on a huge trip that’ll see their stamina tested as well as their knowledge of bike repair.

Setting off on Sunday morning, the lads were riding their bikes (CT110, CT125 respectively) down the east coast with their destination being Melbourne. Stopping off in Jervis bay, then Jindabyne before continuing on to Melbourne where the bikes will be retired and they make their flight over to London. The CT125 Dave will be riding is currently being raffled off, with the winner being announced on the 26th of this month. All proceeds from the raffle tickets will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

The Mongol Rally is a daunting trip, it’s not just a huge distance they’ll be crossing but going through countless different cultures and languages.

“For me this ride is all about the adventure and being able to embrace the unknown.

I think the toughest part of this trip will be trying to navigate our way through all the bureaucratic red tape as we make our way from border to border, that and finding a place to rest our heads every night. I think what I am most excited for is the unknown and what comes with it i.e. the complete lack of control, hopefully forcing me to become more flexible in life”

The Iron Badgers have a ton of support behind them, with Hair By Tommy J hosting a launch event last Wednesday evening. There was a raffle with prizes, and plenty of beer supplied by Sol who are also sponsoring the boys on their adventure.

Be sure to follow their updates on their blog, as well as chucking in a donation for a sterling cause. Good luck fellas!

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