Blokes and sheilas from all around Sydney gathered after work on Thursday from Sydney Café Racers to make use of the last moments of sun and dry weather as they roared out for a Thursday night ride.

Despite the forecast for a week of rain, the gods smiled upon Sydney this day and it was nothing but warm and sunny. Making good use of the fine weather, the call went out amongst Sydney Café Racers and sure enough over 50 bikes turned up at Harry’s Café De Wheels. This would be an Open Ride; meaning if your SCR appropriate bike wasn’t running you could bring whatever other wheels you had. This resulted in an even more eclectic and colourful mix than usual.

There were plenty of new faces amongst the familiar ones, as new members were encouraged to come along and say G’day. After the usual briefing on the ride route and marking rules, the roaring bastard mix of bikes headed out down to the picturesque La Perouse, catching the last moments of twilight. From here the group would make its way back up the coast to grab a feed in Bondi.

The ride up to Bondi went without a hitch, apart from Highway Patrol that were keen to breathalyse as many riders as they could. None blew over the limit – being a (more or less) sensible and responsible group of riders, of course.

Head over the Sydney Café Racers facebook page to find out more about the group and events coming up.


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