Twenty artists, twenty helmets, infinite creativity and a ton of people of enjoy it all. Sabotage Motorcycles brazenly pulled off a killer collaboration alongside Art Pharmacy and Vandal Gallery for a night of some truly incredible work from some of Australia’s best talent.

Many months in the making, the duo from Sabotage Motorcycles, Giles and Andy, successfully gathered together 20 of Australia’s most exciting artists for this ambitious project. The goal would to be to give each artist a plain DMD helmet and give them free reign to do with it what they will. The wide variety of artists and styles meant that there would be an exciting variation on what the final products would be.

The artists that would be forging these creations would be Amy Roser, Sindy Sinn, Mike Watt, Chico Insacious, Jason Wing, M-lon,Lauren & The Lost Boys, Kentaro Yoshida, Vincent Machin-Truc Buret,Skulk., Nev Sety, Scott Marsh, Blak Douglas, Karen Farmer, Ingrid Wilson, Nico, Ginger Taylor, Kyle Smith, The art of Simon Lovelace, Apeseven, Oodlies/Joi Murugavell

Vandal Gallery certainly had their work cut out for them as the trickle of punters that began to filter through the doors soon turned into a colourful crowd of many folks from Sydney’s motorcycling family as well as it’s art scene. To sate the thirst of the many, Sailor Jerry and Young Henry’s provided a steady stream of booze. It’s no secret that both these bountiful booze brands are always keen to back community events, and make sure no one goes thirsty. This morning’s hangover is still partly their fault however; fortunately I’m a forgiving man.

The process for each artist no doubt would be unique, especially with such varied mediums on display; from traditional painting techniques, to auto spray work, even wood. Creative muscles were certainly flexed. To top it all off, all the helmets would placed on eBay for sale, with the proceeds going to The Movember Foundation.

Be sure you get your saucy buns on down to the Vandal Gallery to check all this wonderment in the flesh.

VANDAL Gallery:
 16-30 Vine St, Redfern NSW 2016
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

Want to own one of these tasty lids? Well pull your thumb out and get over to Sabotage Motorcycles eBay store post-haste!

A very special thank you to the sponsors DMD Helmets, Smith ConceptsYoung Henrys and Sailor Jerry





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