Aftershock was founded by Rex from Garage Project Motorcycles in Perth, Australia a couple of years back. Rex is also in the lead role of Perth Café Racers and a good friend of the Cafe Racer and Custom community.

 “We were out with the crew and a video of Dirt Quake was shown. I was just like; we have to do that! Funnily enough one of the guys started telling us about how his property would be perfect and basically that was it.”

 It doesn’t get more grass roots than that! Aftershock is basically a few mates sinking beers, racing bikes and getting loose in the sake of fun.

 In Sydney, The Sydney Café Racers  run their own take on event, the rules are slightly different but the mantra is the same – as many inappropriate road bikes on the dirt as possible. Nothing is to be taken too seriously, and the priority of the event is to race, get filthy and have fun.

 If you’re thinking; “Well this looks fuckin’ fun” – You’re on the money! Unfortunately it’s invite only though to ensure the organiser’s involved all gets to keep their assets. 

 We hope you enjoy this premiere created by My Media Sydney

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