Born from French fashion heritage comes some very exciting new additions to the motorcycle accessory world. Help keep the thieves at bay with the new Rider Daypack and Helmet Safe Bag courtesy of Angry Lane.

Brothers and Parisian natives, Ben and Guillaume have been in love with motorcycles since an early age. It would be in 2012 that the pair would team up in creating their own custom motorcycles as they launched Angry Lane to facilitate their obsession. “We were looking for a cool name when Ben mentioned the legend of record-racing in the UK, when motorcycles riders were “dropping the coin right into the slot” of a jukebox before heading full speed to Hanger Lane in London and coming back before the record finished. With our French accent, it made it sounds like Angry Lane.”


Paired with their passion for motorcycles is their penchant for design. With experience in areas such as Japanese denim jeans to MotoGP leather suits and jackets, soon Angry Lane would start producing it’s own products. This drive to create would be rooted in the brothers’ parents. “Our mom was working for the famous fashion house Courrèges back in the 70’s. At the age of 12yo, while asking on shortening his first pair of Levi’s, Ben received the home sewing machine’s manual for his only help and advice. It was the beginning of a lot of experimentations on our own clothing, from patching our worn out denim jeans to hand-sewn embroideries on bags or military surplus jackets bought in Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. ”

“Our father was more of a self-taught technician and mechanic, repairing electronic appliances to finance his firsts mopeds, he has been working in quality control and 3 dimensions measuring instruments his entire career. The family garage was full of tools of all sorts and electronic components to repair and give a second breath to all sorts of things, no wastage on what can be saved! That included repairing cars and motorcycles and it quickly became a natural activity during weekends.”

Backpacks and riders go hand in hand, with it being one of the most practical and easy ways to carry any items when you’re riding. This would culminate into the creation if the Rider Daypack as Angry lane would join forces with Phil Hayes of Pacsafe in creating a new practical, sturdy bag that looks good and is anti-theft. “We took some existing bag shapes and we designed our bags with the features we needed for riding (things like custom shaped straps for comfort, weather-sealed material for riding in the wet and an included rain cover, velcro tabs to stop any straps flapping in the wind, military style webbing to attach extra gear, reflective logos for visibility etc.) we paired this then with the patented Pacsafe technology called eXomesh 360, a stainless steel cage with locking system, is one of the main features as you can leave your Rider Daypack and/or you Helmet Safe Bag attached to your bike without worrying about them.”

“We gave some of the first prototypes to our friends, with some using the bag to go surfing – they can attach the bag to a tree or whatever anchor point they like. Some skateboarding friends are also using it. The Rider Daypack has been designed with motorcycle use in mind, but it is appealing to a much wider audience.”

Another exciting item is the The Helmet Safe Bag. This brilliant design tucks away neatly on a bike, and allows the rider to safe store the helmet of choice on the bike if carrying it around is ever a hassle. This is something that can definitely be a lifesaver, with many riders having their helmets stolen or vandalised when left on the bike. The bag features the full slash proof eXomesh 360 stainless steel cage with a locking system and is waterproof.

“Our ultimate goal has been to offer very well made bags, well designed, offering safety features so that people (like me) can stop checking their bags every 5 minutes when they are not riding and can focus on what is important: their friends, family, watching a show, enjoying a chat – whatever.

As we want to stay close to our customers, we decided to reach them out directly to help us bring these 2 bags to market: by going with a Kickstarter campaign we can offer some heavily-discounted early bird prices and the opportunity to join us on this ride. They will be part of this adventure and the first ones to get the bags.”

To check out their kickstart campaign and grab some goods for yourself CLICK HERE



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