Good Friday turned into a Bloody Great Friday (sorry Jesus) last week in Bankstown for the annual Bankstown Custom Motorcycle Show. Where else will you find medieval knights fighting amidst the dust of the flat track, to the echo of burnouts?

As is tradition, each year on Good Friday the Bankstown Paceway is transformed into a custom motorcycle show that jams in a hell of a lot of extra stuff, as if bikes weren’t enough. This year, glorious weather set the scene for the massive day ahead.

As mentioned, a somewhat unexpected but all too appreciated appearance of medieval knights in full metal armour was near the entrance. This would be no rehearsed mock fighting with fake swords however, and much to the delight of punters surrounding the mayhem these lads bashed and smashed each other to a chorus of cringes and painful sounds from the audience. What exactly is their relation to bikes? Hard to say really, but we sure as hell know we don’t care. The more knight fights the better as far as we’re concerned.

A short wander past the bloodbath would provide a new form of mayhem. The horses that normally hit the Bankstown Paceway were sent to the glue factory (probably) to be replaced by flat track and speedway bikes. These lads were all too eager to shower the crowd in dust and dirt, getting sideways around the awesome track.

If you’re still not satisfied with the previous entertainment (there’s something wrong with you) the lads from Matt Mingay Stunt Riders Inc and the Supermoto Riders were using and abusing bikes in the most fantastical way, throwing out a ton of tricks and give a metaphorical middle finger to physics.

Miss Hard N Fast was crowned later in the evening, as awards for the best bikes in show were given out to a lot of chuffed blokes. One lucky person would also be taking home their own brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle with a raffle of only 350 tickets being sold throughout the day – not a bad momento to take home.

The day wouldn’t be complete without a good ol’ fashioned burnout competition. This was heralded in by a father and son going head to head in some written-off cars until all useable parts were knackered, then it was time for the bikes. Rubber was punished in magnificent ways, with a Triumph Daytona busting out some blue smoke which was most likely the result of witchcraft.

Well done to the Highway 61, Hard N Fast and all the sponsors that jumped on board to support and create this massive day of fun.