A brand new pair of boots are hitting Aussie shores, fresh from our stylish Italian brothers at Falco. Much like watching a Disney film hungover on a Sunday morning, these boots look good, feel good, and will protect from the evil realities of the world.

The Falco Ranger boots are geared at the commuting rider, to be worn on the bike and through the working day. First and foremost, protection is key. With Falco using D30 impact protection tech, the ankle inserts allow free flow with regular movement, but the molecule technology will lock together in the event of abrupt force to help absorb the energy of the impact. Added with their P.U. moulded Tech-Toe, your feet will be quite safe dodging taxis on your morning commute. The team here decided to give these boots a good spectrum of use, from commuting in the rain, to belting through country roads, and finally to partying in them.

As anyone in Sydney will begrudgingly notice at the moment, it’s generally been bloody wet. Water has been falling out of the sky at inconvenient amounts – and we’re certain it’s got something to do with Mike Baird’s doing. Finger-pointing aside, the first time I slipped these good lookin’ boots on was for a joyful ride home in peak hour traffic in the pouring rain. The tag said these boots were weather proof, so I was somewhat eager to test this out. Lo and behold, after 40 minutes riding in soaking conditions, my feet and ankles were bone dry. The same could not be said for the rest of me however, which was lacking in wet weather gear. I felt like the opposite of Milhouse (Episode 19, Season 10 for hilarious reference).

Once I had dried off, it was time for the next test. Riding 6+ hours through a wide variety of roads, finishing up at the inaugural Machine Show. This would see us riding through mossy national park roads, twisting mountain climbs, and long high-speed stretching country roads before finally enjoying a very healthy dose of dirt, gravel, and clay track. Riding my Yamaha XSR900 these boots fit very well, and stayed comfortable throughout the entire trip. I’ve had owned many a pair of boots that proved to be cumbersome when used with the gear lever, but these worked a treat.

After hours of riding (and a little sitting around pubs shit-talking) we’d finally made it to our destination, the country town of Braidwood for the Machine Show. Here the boots would have a final test – how do they stand up to hours of beer drinking and talking endlessly about motorcycles? Bloody well, I’ll be pleased to inform you. Hours of walking around, taking photos, enjoying “one or two” beverages, and my feet were as happy as a chimp on acid.

Let’s talk tech. These boots have a full-grain oil treated leather upper, and a High Tex membrane. You’ve got laces and a side zip, which makes putting the boots on easier than punching yourself in the face. This also allows the fit to be snugger as well. Your ankles are protected by what is called D30 Impact Protection. This was developed by the Winter-sports and Military industry, and was first applied to motorcycle footwear by Falco. This fancy material allows free movement until impact force is created, in which the shock absorption kicks in and protects your stinky feet and ankles.

Conclusion: These boots have ticked a lot of boxes. As someone that rides every day, but still has shoots, meetings, and various other nonsense to attend – a comfortable, good looking boot that’s protective is as good as gold. This boot looks the goods (I opted for black, to decrease grubbiness) is comfortable for all day wear, and will give good protection in the event of a spill as far as the specs are to be understood. I wasn’t too keen to leap off the bike and give them a proper road test, but after kicking a concrete wall multiple times I was satisfied I had somewhat been protected by my own stupidity. Sizing seems true to what your usual foot size is – however would recommend trying a pair on in store to make sure you’ve got the best fit.

You’ll find these hitting Aussie shores in April 2017, with a retail of $269.95. A very good price considering folks shell out more for boots that will fall apart before you can drunkenly embarrass yourself in front of relatives at Christmas. Two big toes up for these boots.

To find a pair for yourself at your local retailer CLICK HERE. 

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