No one expects the Spanish inquisition, and likewise no one would expect to find such an incredible collection of cars in an unsuspecting garage in your regular suburban street. Gary is a man who embraced his passion for cars, both big and small, and let it grow into something truly spectacular.

The collection started when he was a young lad, as most obsessions do. “I would save my pocket money and use it to buy hot wheels cars, or if I was good I would get one as a reward. There weren’t too many of those!

Over the last 12 years the collecting got serious and it ranges from diecast models, slot cars, RC cars and RC planes of all scales. My wife and I have a passion for all things with wheels, which helps when I want/need to purchase something. I have had some awesome cars over the years as well, mainly chevs but most cars appeal to me.”

“Most cars appeal to me.” That statement is clearly evident, and you could literally spend hours pouring over the walls, admiring the vast catalogue of different cars from different decades. What sticks out most perhaps is the monster sized slot car track that takes up a majority of the floor space. This was built by the Police Boys Club in Canberra in 1967, the first commercial race track in Canberra. “I purchased the track about 10 years ago off a really good mate. The track is computer operated, which controls the races by time or by laps. The grandkids love it and at the age of 2 my grandson was able to put a car around the track with ease. 2nd grandson still needs a bit more work, he loves speed too much.”

This collection – or museum, is still growing. There is of course the issue of room, but that’s surely an issue another shed could fix. “I am the easiest man to buy birthday and Christmas presents for!

My interests are American muscle, Australian muscle, drag cars, hot rods and historic racecars. Actually when I think about and look at my collection, if it looks cool and has 4 wheels chances are I will like it! I am always on the lookout for bargains; eBay, Facebook, markets and word of mouth. I have been gifted some items by friends and friends of friends who have things that they don’t want but would like to see it go to a good home.”

As one would expect, most of Gary’s spare time is spent in his garage. It would be hard not to. “The main thing I do in my shed is drink beer and work/clean my bikes. After the grandsons have been over I find myself working on no.1 grandsons RC car, he usually breaks something on it!

But generally my wife and I will spend time in the garage looking at the collection. It is one thing we will never get tired of. She will often say, “When did you get that?” Me; “Ages ago!” Wife: “Define ages – days or years?!”

Gary is certainly a lucky man to have not only an understanding wife in regards to his collection, but someone who is equally as passionate about it.