Recently – and rather excitingly – ECE 22.05 European Standard helmets became legal to wear on roads in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. This means the choice of skid lids that riders can now purchase has expanded, and there’s no shortage of good quality and good looking helmets to suit all styles and desires. Here’s our pick of a few favourites that’ll be sure to get you thinking about that last minute Christmas present (for yourself of course)

1. Hedon Hedonist Teal

‘Hedonism’ is the school of thought that pushes for pleasure as the most important intrinsic good, and it’s name is derived from the Greek word for “delight”. Hedon’s Hedonist Teal helmet certainly fits this bill, as its indulgent and luxurious look will have anyone feeling that they’ve committed the cardinal sin of gluttony, or lust – or whatever.

Handmade in Hedon’s London workshop, it is a must have for open face enthusiasts. Made from a Carbon Fibre Shell, it’s lightweight but still strong and sturdy. These helmets look great from afar, but upon closer inspection the appreciation for both the inside and outside of this luxury lid will get you all sorts of excited.

2. DMD Seventy Five

A tribute to the first off-road helmet introduced in 1975, the DMD Seventy Five is also a celebration of when the company DMD was born. It’s definitely a stylish way to celebrate a 40th anniversary, and with vintage Bell Moto helmets being snatched up left, right and centre the Seventy Five is a great looking (and road legal) option.

The helmet boasts a sturdy carbon Kevlar shell, removable and washable liner and two different shells for a perfect fit and maximum compactness. You’ve also got a great selection of colours, and you can grab one of these mean skid lids in either yellow, white, matt black or electric blue.

3. Nexx XG100 Muddy Hog Helmet

The guys over at Nexx have created a helmet that takes the retro look to another level, and the XG100 Muddy Hog doesn’t get noticed – it notices you, slaps you in the face and says “fuckin’ look at me!”

Featuring Nexx’s X-MATRIX Shell, it’s got all the modern safety goodies, including multiaxial fiberglass, 3D organic fibres (gluten-free too, probably) special aramid fibres and carbon reinforcement. We don’t know what most of that is, but it sounds fancy so it’s gotta be good!

4. Davida Jet Helmet

Davida boast the spirit of tradition combined with modern technology. The Davida Jet amalgamates the finest features of the traditional open face helmet but with modern materials and standards to create a good looking, good fitting and good protecting open face lid.

With over 100 colourways and custom designs to choose from, you can create a truly unique helmet for yourself. The Davida Jet comes with a sound proofed interior, which is also fully leather lined so you will have comfy, stylish and enjoyable ride.

5. Premier Trophy

The Premier Trophy is a seventies styled full face helmet, and definitely something for the fans of the Biltwell Gringo helmet, which is not yet legal for Australian road use. Premier are no newbies to the helmet world, and have been manufacturing since 1956. The Trophy’s iconic style comes from the same helmet as worn by one of the biggest names in racing history, Phil Read.

The Trophy is truly a retro helmet, as it has no fancy vents; the visor is attached by two pop studs with no adjustability or a modern seal. It’s a retro helmet with retro simplicity.

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