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Sydney Knafeh Racers

Tonight Sydney Café Racers, as well as a healthy mix of other bikes and degenerates gathered for a Thursday night ride. Tonight’s mission: Find and consume some Knafeh.

What is Knafeh exactly? Fucked if I know.

The wonderful mismatch of bikes and riders gathered at Harry’s Café De Wheels in Tempe, and for once here in Sydney this winter it wasn’t absolutely freezing this evening. There was an excellent turn out, with plenty of new faces in the mix. After the traditional shit talking around the bikes, the group gathered around as the route was explained as well as group riding etiquette and rules for the new riders.

We would all ride down to La Perouse, regather for those that split off from the main group, and then press on north up through all the beaches to make our way to Bondi. It was there at Bondi Pavilion this fabled “Knafeh” would be found.

The ride over all was excellent, with the group of 50 odd bikes keeping together remarkably well. The air was almost warm, traffic non-existent and the sound of engines echoed across Sydney. Upon reaching Bondi Pavilion, a large group of riders were stopped at the lights as an unmarked Police car pulled up and turned it’s lights on. The sound of over a dozen butt-holes puckering up at the thought of possible defects was tremendous (mine included) but it as merely a dodgy ute that the cop was after, and into the Pavilion we went.

There we came across loud music and a hirsute gent on the mic welcoming us in. Knafeh is a Levantine cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup, and it’s absolutely delicious. This makeshift Knafeh dispenser was run out of a repurposed shipping container and travels around sharing these delicious treats. The blokes behind the counter making the desserts all have tremendous beards, as well as a lot of character. An absolutely sterling night had by all!

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