At the bottom of a cardboard box that was falling apart sat two undeveloped rolls of film, covered in dust and forgotten, just like that piece of exercise equipment you bought all those years ago. The images that were on this film, if any at all, remained a mystery until they were found and developed.

Anyone that is keen on shooting analog photography will know how often a roll of film that has been used will be put aside and it’s contents forgotten about. This can add to the magic of the now niche art of film photography, and the anticipation to find out what is on these rolls is a unique surprise.

Recently I came across two rolls of undeveloped Kentmere 400 film, expired and used. The rolls sat at the bottom of a box that had moved through countless homes I had lived in the past 18 months, so the rolls contents were a mystery to me until I broke out the developing kit and got to work in a mate’s kitchen. What I ended up finding is some grainy images from Aftershock 2014, a rainy and muddy weekend full of chaos. The expired film and expired developer used gave the shots a lo-fi feel that added to the retro bikes and riding gear.