A custom motorcycle build Inspiration can come from anywhere, especially in the case with this custom Kawasaki W650 has been inspired by an art deco Smeg toaster which provided the colour for a finishing paint scheme.


Sarah, a NSW Police officer, first came to Gasoline Motor Co with the idea to build a timeless tracker style motorcycle that was modern in its construction – but still had a unique sense of vintage style. A Kawasaki W650 would be the perfect machine that would then be transformed from a modern classic to a lean, mean tracker in just three short months, with only a few late nights of final assembly to get it ready to roll.


The roadster look of the W650 started with the scrapping of the original tank, which was then replaced with a slimmer version from a Yamaha SR500, this not only slimmed down the motorcycle, but also allowed for the speedo to tuck in neatly between the tank and top clamp. The top clamp is completely custom, designed and machined in-house at Gasoline and was made to have an allocation for the instrument lights, which eliminates the bulky ignition system to further slim down the build.


The colour inspiration for the tank came from a vintage art deco toaster Sarah had in her kitchen, and also includes a true reference to vintage racing with a classic stripe. The leather used to accent the build was taken from the handle of a retro styled kettle, another piece of inspiration taken from an unlikely source that adds to the character of the motorcycle.


To underpin the colour accents most of the bike was blacked out in a satin finish including the wheels, triple tree and flat faced down handlebars. Even the tail light that was hand picked for its vintage styling was treated with a satin black coat to help fit in with the scheme of the build. The high profile classic antique Firestone tyres also help to bring the vintage style, while also being the perfect tyre for flat track blasting.


Custom created components include a battery box hand fabricated and purpose built by the workshop crew at Gasoline that was made to accommodate all electrics and the anti gravity battery. Cleverly placed bar-end indicators are also custom fitted, with their hidden wiring helping to create the clean, simplified lines seen throughout the rest of the motorcycle.


A long-lived local fabricator was commissioned to hand craft the exhaust systems to impress not only by looks but the unique sound and performance that comes with every cone and fancy weld. This machine looks elegant and stylish, but has a very mean growl from the exhaust that belts out a truly aggressive tone. The front and rear guards were shortened and given the same scuffed finish as the exhaust to help keep the symmetry of the steel.
From a toaster to the tool shed, this mad Kwakka is ready to dust hustle…


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